Conducting exams during Covid-19 pandemic: is it fair?

“The sanctity of a degree-granting institution has never before been questioned by the industry.

So should students be risking their lives to appear for an exam amidst the pandemic?”

Students across the globe are facing hiatus brought on by the pandemic COVID 19 crises since March 2020. In ongoing circumstances. March is the month when all educational institutions from playschool to postgraduate programs are in their last leg of closure.

The year 2020 has seen the wave of the novel Coronavirus or the COVID – 19. With the inconvenience across the country lockdown from mid-March onwards, all instructive organizations have been compelled to close and the Board Exams in different states alongside CBSE, ICSE and college UG and PG tests have been delayed.

 It is highly doubtful whether it is favourable to hold the exams amid in the middle of the pandemic.

Students are under a great deal of Psychological and Mental worry because of the current emergency and are uncertain about what’s future for them. The pandemic has made feelings of trepidation concerning the security of the students, on the off chance that the Exams are to be held. The rising case of COVID contaminations is big trouble.

There are different educational administrations who wanted to lead the old regular way of conducting examinations, but since of this COVID-19 alarm, they have moved their whole assessment process for the Remote Proctored Online Exam. The whole administered assessment process became consistent and all security parts of invigilation are dealt with.

Challenges while conducting Online Examinations

  • Students who live in rural regions or regions where network are not so good can confront extraordinary trouble in finishing their exam on schedule or even appearing in it. This can affect their grades and performance. 

• Students will have a high ground in online examinations as they can without much of a stretch take the assistance of the web or the books. The principle thought process of surveying the information of students will be lost in this procedure. 

• Online examinations process security is one of the basic difficulties. Appropriate verification, approval procedure ought to be followed to guarantee that the correct applicant is showing up for the exam in a secure atmosphere with no acts of malpractice. 

• Timely examination can be terrible. If in any situation, a school or school is directing on the web assessments then they should give sufficient opportunity to the students for the finish. Time ought to be set by the degree of queries. All the problems that can be looked at by any students during on the web tests ought to likewise be considered before choosing the time. Along these lines, it will help the students a great deal. 

• Several government colleges and schools have an absence of framework and practical issues’ so it would be exceptionally hard for them to direct online examination.

Challenges while conducting Real Examinations

  • It will be difficult for students to keep up social distancing consistently. 

• Many students just as guardians will be unsure about them as they will be dreaded of affected by a coronavirus. 

• Students who might be experiencing general cold and hack will endure as they won’t be permitted inside the assessment places. This can negatively affect their professions. 

• Lack of open vehicle can likewise be a challenge for the management just as a student in arriving at the exam place on schedule.

Henceforth, it is to the greatest advantage for the students that the CBSE, ICSE Various State Boards and Universities drop the Board Exams, UG and PG examination altogether and promote all the students dependent on their interior evaluation and give them marks in like manner. Any further deferment and rescheduling the Exams will just add to their current pressure, stress and vulnerability.

 Different state governments and some IIT’s have just settled on this choice. Ample opportunity has already past the other state governments, sheets and colleges additionally go with the same pattern and clarify choices about dropping the exams altogether, keeping given the desperation of the circumstance and spare the students from experiencing further Stress. It is the life of the students that matters the most and not the Exams and their vocations. Consequently holding the exams during the pandemic ought to never be the correct decision.

-Dimple Sahu

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