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How Big Is India’s Plastic Disposal Problem?

Plastic pollution has emerged as one of the most urgent environmental challenges in the last few decades. It is most noticeable in countries where trash disposal facilities are either ineffective or unavailable in the worst-case scenario. Nowadays, natural resources used in production have been supplanted by plastic. And this usage of plastic, combined with ourContinue reading “How Big Is India’s Plastic Disposal Problem?”

The Paso to Remember

Short Story by Akanksha Rao (Entry No. 5) Present time…. It was the dancer awards going on and the best Latin dance Paso Doble award was to be announced, everyone held their breath and the winners were Lorenzo Alvares and Alexia Treu. They both beamed with confidence and received the award. Later on, in theContinue reading “The Paso to Remember”

Scent of the rain

Short Story by Akansha Bhardwaj (Entry No. 4) Strong winds blow my hair from my face, soothing my body. Giving me the feeling of someone being there, patting my head as if saying: “it’s okay”, “you’re okay”. Being in the rain, staring at the clouds, brings back the memories of those days where I usedContinue reading “Scent of the rain”


Short Story by Sana Shaikh (Entry No. 3) CONTENT WARNING : MENTION OF BLOOD AND GORE Walking into her secret room, she always felt at peace, away from the chaos and full of quite, she would just sit there and soak in the silence after a hard day’s work, working as florist meant she hadContinue reading “MELISSA’S CRAFT”

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