Short Story by Sana Shaikh (Entry No. 3) CONTENT WARNING : MENTION OF BLOOD AND GORE Walking into her secret room, she always felt at peace, away from the chaos and full of quite, she would just sit there and soak in the silence after a hard day’s work, working as florist meant she hadContinue reading “MELISSA’S CRAFT”

Tham …. Khali ek do

Short Story by ARNAB PATRA (Entry No. 2) Not words or commands they are emotions which resonate with every fortunate individual who has got the chance to serve his/her country wearing the coveted uniform.The uniform : some see it as the shroud of death while some wear it as the turban of pride. “The trueContinue reading “Tham …. Khali ek do”

” बेटी पढ़ाओं बेटी बचाओं “.

Short Story by – Anamika Singh(Entry No. 1) शहर से काफी दूर तोधकपुर नामक गांव में शोभाराम अपनी पत्नी के साथ रहते थे , शोभाराम भट्टे पर काम करते थे जहाँ ईट बनती थी इसलिए वो पूरा दिन काम में व्यस्त रहते रहते शोभाराम के घर कोई सन्तान नहीं थी इस बात से दोनों बड़ेContinue reading “” बेटी पढ़ाओं बेटी बचाओं “.”

Copywriting or Content Writing? What’s more powerful?

When we talk about Freelancing, two major roles pop up in mind instantly – content writer and copywriter. Many of them think they are the same. Some think copy is more powerful, and others believe the content. The biggest difference between copywriting and content writing lies in its purpose. Copywriting is selling your brand; contentContinue reading “Copywriting or Content Writing? What’s more powerful?”

Best Insurance Policies During Covid-19

Today, we will talk about some of the best and most pocket-friendly insurance policies and plans, which help us cope with Covid-19. In the wake of Coronavirus, many people lost jobs, lives and faced other social stress.  So, What will be the most beneficial insurance policies related to medical, property, car/bike, and life.  First, let’sContinue reading “Best Insurance Policies During Covid-19”

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