About Us

 Young Indian Revolution (YIR) a startup for the Indian youth.


We have a team of young college students working tirelessly to fulfill a dream of an organisation dedicated towards the betterment of the students and the Indian youth with scholarships of upto Rs. 25000.


As per the companies Act, 2013, private limited companies cannot accept public deposits from the public. And being a Non- Tech startup funding is not easy. So, the marketing of our products is the only/major revenue source to survive.


We are creating a powerful community of students, young entrepreneur and revolutionaries having different vision, mission and goals by providing them the right platform away from the politics by giving them the opportunity to channelise their thoughts towards the common goal of patriotism and a revolution against unjustice.


We have a dream today to create a community of young Indians dedicated towards their own clubs- ‘THE ANARCHIST’ and ‘YOUNG INDIAN’. We have a vision to create a community of 10,000 enthusiasts working for an Atmanirbhar Bharat and corruption free Bharat.


We at YIR have choosen a selfless path of creating a young and bright India. We are providing scholarships to our members worth upto Rs. 25000/-.

What are our Products?

All the products are designed not by any professional team of designers but, by the Young Indian visionaries and artists and are very well recognised by the YIR Team. They are all college going volunteers.

What will you gain?

Being our member you will have a strong support of student community and a team of professionals working all day and night to cater to your needs and problems. 

We are a friend you can rely upon.