Past Tense – Part 1(Experiment of Will)

An average guy with a below-average resume, “Sam,” said my father. “This is the 36th rejection you have faced from a company; I think we don’t have any more left here.” he continued. I knew that very well, and they never told me what the issue is. All they say is, “we will contact you.”Continue reading “Past Tense – Part 1(Experiment of Will)”

Corruption: A Termite That Weakens The Roots Of Democracy

Also called mal politics, corruption is the use of power by government officials or their network contacts for illegitimate private gain, violating their vows to uphold the Constitution and the sanctity of the land’s law during their oath-taking ceremonies are typically broadcasted all over the world. This political ideology of robbing your own constituencies’ resourcesContinue reading “Corruption: A Termite That Weakens The Roots Of Democracy”


INTRODUCTION: Uniform Civil Code is basically the proposal for codification of various personal laws prevailing in India. Other Civil and Criminal laws such Indian penal Code, Indian evidence act, law of contract etc are uniformly codified and are implemented on each and every citizen fairly and evenly. However, personal laws like laws regarding marriage, divorce,Continue reading “UNIFORM CIVIL CODE: ONE NATION ONE LAW”


Since PM NARENDRA MODI addressed the nation on INDEPENDENCE DAY, 2020 about raising the legal age for marriage of women in India, there has been an ongoing debate. The controversy is for what should be done and what should be done the public suggests for the same. We live in a country that sees girlsContinue reading “DEBATE AROUND MINIMUM AGE OF MARRIAGE FOR WOMEN”

Equality and equity

Meaning of Equality and Equity: According to some dictionaries, equality somewhat means the situation in which everyone has the same rights and advantages, whereas equity is the quality of being fair and impartial.Nowadays, everyone craves equality rather than equity.Equality means sameness, and equity means fairness.The inequality we provide everyone with the same opportunities and inequityContinue reading “Equality and equity”

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