Sports in India – Problems and Reform Measures

“Sports are one of the notable esteemed activities in India. Almost nearly everyone makes themselves indulge in some sort of sports starting from hockey, cricket, football, badminton, swimming, etc. The India of these days plays with a competitive edge of the mind. The society has been adapted and improved with time and opportunities out there. Today, parents encourage their children to indulge themselves in various sports to earn name and fame for themselves. With the rising demand for all the sports, the requirement to own an athletic body has additionally gained a great position.”

It is appropriate to understand the factors that adversely affect sports in India and the measures are taken by the government to rectify the situation.

The causes behind the underdevelopment of sports in India are:

  1. Corruption of sports authorities: Corruption has become equal with sports administration and management in India. Whether it is the most popular cricket or hockey or weightlifting, most of the sports authorities in India have come under an outbreak due to corruption charges.

2. Social and economic inequalities: Social and economic disparities have a negative and the harmful impact on Indian sport. Rejection of admission to sports infrastructure due to poverty, awareness of stadiums and other sports avenues only in cities, lack of encouragement to girls to participate in sports, etc. have reduced the development of a positive and encouraging sports culture in the country.

3. Lack of infrastructure: This is one of the most critical factors for the indifference of the sport in India. Since infrastructure is necessary for training and organizing games, its non-availability and its entrance to only a few segments of the society have adversely and badly impacted the sport involvement and the quality of sportspersons.

4. Lack of policies: For the growth and development of any sector, the formulation and implementation of an actual policy is an essential condition. This is true for sports too. To date, the planning and implementation of sports strategy are unified in the country due to the scarcity of resources and the experience of state and local governments. In addition, the lack of a separate ministry of sports at the union level reveals unconcern towards sports.

To cure the situation, the government has taken a number of initiatives in the past years.
Some of them are explained below in briefly

  1. In September 2017, the Union Cabinet permitted the revamped Khelo India programme for the purpose of individual, community, economic and national development. The revamped Khelo India Programme was aimed to provide better sports environment including proper infrastructure, community sports, etc.
two man in white shorts fighting using sword during daytime
India has got potential in lots of athletic and sports
  1. In order to provide the best potential help, guidance and support to athletes in their training for the upcoming 2020 Olympics, the government approved the selection of international trainers and supporting staff.
  2. In April 2016, the Central Sector Scheme, Khelo India – National Programme for Development of Sports was approved by the government. It includes the erstwhile Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan, Urban Sports Infrastructure Scheme and National Sports Talent Search System Programme.

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