Economic Impact of Russia-Ukraine War

Russia and Ukraine, the two biggest countries of Europe, have gone into war against each other. Most European countries, and some American countries including US and Canada, have imposed heavy economic sanctions on Russia, while helping Ukraine to stand up in the war. The economic impact of the Russia-Ukraine war is expected to reach almostContinue reading “Economic Impact of Russia-Ukraine War”

Paralympic Games – What is it?

Paralympic Games are periodic series of international multi-sport events involving athletes, who are physically disabled in some way. The Paralympic Games are organized a few days after the Summer Olympic Games. The Paralympic Games are held in the same venue as the Summer Olympics. For example, the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics was followed by theContinue reading “Paralympic Games – What is it?”

Cycling Makes Comeback in India

Cycling was the most common method of personal vehicle transportation throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, most developed countries in the world are promoting cycle transport to stem the pollution from motor vehicles. Bicycles have the least carbon footprint among all means of transportation as they operate using the energy of the rider. However,Continue reading “Cycling Makes Comeback in India”

Sports in India – Problems and Reform Measures

‚ÄúSports are one of the notable esteemed activities in India. Almost nearly everyone makes themselves indulge in some sort of sports starting from hockey, cricket, football, badminton, swimming, etc. The India of these days plays with a competitive edge of the mind. The society has been adapted and improved with time and opportunities out there.Continue reading “Sports in India – Problems and Reform Measures”


History and origin of Sports in India Human civilization has continuously evolved since the Stones age. Evolution is limited to not only the body of human beings but also the mind of them. People used to do actions that made them happy, and they enjoyed; they used to observe those physical activities which were interestingContinue reading “SPORTS IN INDIA (PROBLEMS, MEASURES)”

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