Best Cities for Tourism in India’s Neighbouring Countries

India is a vast country which borders 7 different countries and many others lie in its vicinity. Most Indian tourists often choose far away countries, located in a different continent for their ease of accessibility and preference. But our neighbouring countries are also very beautiful, with excellent world class tourist places. Let’s check out someContinue reading “Best Cities for Tourism in India’s Neighbouring Countries”

India adds five more Ramsar sites

India has recently added 5 more Ramsar sites or wetlands of international importance and thus the count has reached 54. The sites which have been included are Karikili Bird Sanctuary, Pallikaranai Marsh Reserve Forest, Pichavaram Mangrove Forest in Tamil Nadu, Sakhya Sagar in Madhya Pradesh, and Pala Wetlands in Mizoram. India‚Äôs Ramsar wetlands cover anContinue reading “India adds five more Ramsar sites”

Gender Discrimination In Society

Gender Discrimination:- injustice based on sex or gender. In other words, discrimination of unfair rights between men and women. In India from ancient times, it has been seen that man dominated society in physical, biological and cultural means. Man always dominate over women. Such as, in a family, if a boy child is born, theyContinue reading “Gender Discrimination In Society”

Cyclists Number Growing in the Country after Pandemic

The latest research has shown that West Bengal holds the highest percentage of households having a bicycle among all Indian states and Union Territories. 78.9% of households in the state have a bicycle. With the abundant availability of local transports, like e-rickshaws, good network of local trains, trams, and electric buses, West Bengal is showingContinue reading “Cyclists Number Growing in the Country after Pandemic”

Does Work From Home Benefitted Women in the IT Sector?

Work from home is a necessity after the Covid-19 pandemic. Following initial lockdown days, many corporate sectors have opened their offices and have resumed work in a fully offline mode or a hybrid mode. However, the majority of the IT sector is still working from home and will continue to do so for some moreContinue reading “Does Work From Home Benefitted Women in the IT Sector?”

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