Gender Discrimination In Society

Gender Discrimination:- injustice based on sex or gender. In other words, discrimination of unfair rights between men and women. In India from ancient times, it has been seen that man dominated society in physical, biological and cultural means.

Man always dominate over women. Such as, in a family, if a boy child is born, they celebrate it as an occasion, but if it is a girl child, they consider it a responsibility and a burden for the family or sometimes kill before they are born.

Gender Discrimination still exists in Indian society. Being born a girl in Indian culture, they faced gender discrimination at every level of their life. In our community, women were considered as they were born to do household work, raise children and look after families. At work, women are paid less for the same job. In most of the states of India, there is a significant imbalance in the sex ratio. All these results from giving special treatment to the boys in the family. In society, three types of gender exist Male, Female, and Transgender. Transgender get the lowest attention in the community among these three, and some families refuse to accept them as their children.

No doubt our constitution has removed all discrimination against women and also for transgender in the 2019—transgender persons (Protection of Rights) Act. The right to equality and the right to property is guaranteed by the constitution, but most women across India did not enjoy these rights and opportunities. However, they still suffer gender discrimination in society. The killing of the female child just in the womb continues unabated. Gender inequality is caused by poverty, illiteracy, patriarchal beliefs and practices. Poverty- This is the root cause of gender discrimination. The poor family thinks that only male children can feed them when they get old, and females are considered a burden to them. Illiteracy- Gender discrimination leads to educational backwardness for the girl.
Illiterate parents’ beliefs that girls are born to do household work only; due to this, they never send their girl child to school for study. Beliefs and practices of society stop the female from doing anything. Most women are unaware of their fundamental rights and opportunities. They accept all discrimination that persists in the families from generation in the name of tradition and social beliefs. Child marriage is also a gender-based violence practice in society when the girl hits puberty.

They are forced to get married even if they are not ready for it, and women lose their prominence, their right to the property and in the decision-making of the family. They were directed by order of their husband or father, brother and even son. This mindset led to social evils like dowry, the ‘purdah’ system etc. This mindset continues in the twenty-first century.
Strict legal and administrative actions are needed to correct this mindset. All we need to do is change our mindset and values regarding women and respect women.

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