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Content Marketing For Beginners : The Basics

Career in writing

“I wish to pursue a career as a freelance writer, but I don’t know where to start. I have some experience in b2b content marketing, but that’s about it. How can I boost my content writing skills to produce great content which will help me grow in this field?”

Why Content Marketing?

Are you passionate about writing and want to turn this hobby into a career? Are you tired of taking content writing and SEO classes from all the different places, but it just doesn’t seem to work? Is the traffic on your website still low, or your clients still unhappy? There is a high possibility that this happened because you were only focused on writing the content and not marketing it. 

Hmm, what does this mean?

All you cared about was using SEO strategies, placing keywords in your article in ways that will attract the audience. You didn’t bother learning about one of the crucial things required in this digital world – Content Marketing.

Now, what is content marketing, why you should master it, and how it will help you immensely in the long run, irrespective of how much time you have spent in this writing world – everything is in this guide. 

Ok, But What Is Content Marketing?

So before we dive into all the content marketing strategies and techniques, we need to ask ourselves one question – What is Content Marketing? 

You surely have heard the phrase Content Is King. Even though this phrase is overly-used, it still stands true. Content is what makes your article, blog, video what it is. The SEO techniques you use, the keywords you strategically place, the tone you go with – all these things are secondary. What you have to offer is what matters the most, and that is your content. 

Give it a thought,

Without content, what would the SEOs optimize for search engines? What metadata would they hunt for, for robots like Google and Bing to rank? Every email you compose, every blog you write, every video you create, every podcast you produce is your content, and that is what should be of utmost importance before anything else.

So now,

Content Marketing is creating and publishing content for a specific audience. You know your audience so well that you produce exactly what they want and have content strategies designed specially for them. It is not searching for keywords and placing them in the headlines for the sake of it. Content marketing is much more than that.

The Better You Know Your Audience, The More They Will Like You

Create For An Audience

Even though both content writing and content marketing aimed at attracting a target audience, the latter will help you in the long run. Content writing may get your site some traffic but does not build a connection with your audience.

Content marketing, on the other hand, is about building a relationship with your readers – this makes them more interested in what you have to offer.

Maybe they will

  • Share your content with their friends
  • Add a comment
  • Leave a like on your blog or video

All these things tell the search engines that people like your page and, this, in turn, helps you gradually go up in the search list.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

As much fun and easy as this sounds, remember it requires a lot of time and patience. You cannot expect to top the search ranking by writing just one article aimed at a specific group of people. You are to write and fail and then write again.

The better you connect with your audience, the more they will like your content. Why? Because you will be writing what your readers want to read. Knowing your target audience will help you write the content they need – the language you should use and even the fonts and color schemes that would attract them. 

Remember You Are A Human Talking To Other Humans

Now that you know your audience, their likes and dislikes, remember that they don’t want to read something written by a robot.

Many SEO strategies fail because

  • The writers focus so much on these techniques.
  • They forget that they are writing for people, not the engines.

Write as if you are sitting with your readers in a cafe and talking on this topic.

Wait, but what about the keywords and stuff?

You can work on them once you finish creating your content. Run it through some tools, and add whatever words you need to. But while you write, you write what you have to say and what your audience needs to hear, not what the engines demand.

Content Marketing Is Not Just Writing

Lastly, the greatest misconception of all – that content marketing is just about writing blogs and articles. It is absolutely not true.

You can use the content marketing techniques for video, podcasts, infographics, and literally anything which provides information to a group of people

Can I Master Content Marketing? 

Absolutely yes. But can you do it without lots and lots of practice? Nope.

Only knowing the techniques of content marketing is never enough. You need to try and fail and try again and again till you master this art. You can even come up with your own marketing strategies and grow and succeed in this online realm.

Written by: – Sakshi

Viewer Discretion Required: The Reality of ‘New’ media

Importance of Viewer Discretion to cope up with prevailing media bias

You switch on the news channel and see a person shouting at the highest of his lungs trying his best to make you think that the establishment is ‘always’ right. You flip the channel and are welcomed by a man who barely resembles Imran Khan, mimicking the Pakistani PM. Yet one more channel flip and comes a person on your TV screen, taking sarcastic digs at the screaming anchor while propagating his agenda.

News media in today’s context holds a particularly complex place. While there is no denying that in a democratic country, journalism and news act as power balancers and checkers. The commercialisation of news that has come up to be the truth as a consequence of competition and TRP races, has caused sensationalisation of stories. So something like PM visiting his mother is given more coverage than a crucial subject. Not just this but the increasing competition has also led to journalism counting on political parties for funds, thus biased news presentation.

Social Media: The New News Source
Social Media: The New News Source

For a short time, social media sites were considered the perfect successor. Since social media didn’t believe TRP’s, it had been assumed that bias wouldn’t seep in there. But social media comes with its perils. In some other context, the ‘personalised content’ trait of Social Media would be appreciated but within the context of stories, personalised content causes you to sleep in a bubble. You’ll be shown the content, you engage the foremost with. So if you follow leftist accounts, your opinion will progress from what’s shown as facts on those accounts. Which entirely kills the motive of stories within the first place. News should only present events as they’re happening. What to form of it should dwell in the hands of the audience, which, unfortunately, isn’t the case, right now. Social Media has also caused a faster spread of lies. Independent journalism, that became a fad with youngsters like Dhruv Rathee and Pratik Sinha could have brought change but even then the importance of viewer discretion can’t be neglected.

Need of the hour is that the ‘spectator’ becomes the ‘questioner’.

Ravish Kumar, Journalist, NDTV

The circumstances that we live in mandates every citizen to actively pursue true news. To become what they call, “active citizens”. To understand everything about everything and keep an open mind with well-formed opinions. As a citizen of a democratic country like India, it’s our responsibility to not just receive news but actively engage with it. We can not stop watching the news altogether since it’s only when we hear differing opinions that we get to introspect and see if we truly believe in what we are saying. The trick is to seek out a balance between the consumption of news and it’s analysis.

Evolution Is Dominant

‘Mind, money, life, or youth – nothing is fixed in this ever-changing world. And here only he lives forever who has done something great for mankind.’
– Chanakya Kautilya

So, from this above quotation of the great ancient Indian philosopher and economist Chanakya Kautilya, everyone can easily understand that we all are surviving in an ever-changing surrounding.

Every day of our life is different from one another and for that reason we get the chance to get introduced to new experiences and ideas.
And these day by day small changes are the steps of evolution through which a person transitions from one phase to another phase of his life. And this gradual growth and development are called evolution.

We all evolve in life. With time, we evolve mentally, spiritually, emotionally, economically, socially, and actually in every aspect of our lives.

Evolution is also important in life because it helps us to get out of our comfort zone and learn skills. It also gives birth to new ideas, discoveries, and innovations and also adds new flavors to our lives. So the person who is not evolving with time is surely missing prosperity in his life.

Famous author Leon C. Magginson said, ‘It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change’.
Therefore, it is also very important to know the process of coping up with new changes which are called adaptation.
Adaptation and evolution are complementary to each other. And those who can adapt the best with the evolution become dominant and are counted as the best-fitted survivors.

Photo by The Humantra on

So, this dominance refers to the power and influence of a skillful person over society and the whole of mankind.

I think these influences must be inspiring and beneficial for society so that every person gets inspired to be the best version of himself.

By Dyuti Banerjee

New Year: A Fresh Start And Infinite Possibilities

“Ring out wild bells, to the wild sky
The flying cloud, the frosty light.
The year is dying in the night;
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.”
Alfred Lord Tannyson , ‘In Memoriam’

We have come to the edge of December and finally, in a few days, we are going to complete the year 2020 which can also be called the most dangerous year of the twenty-first century. The whole of mankind suffered a lot and also paid a lot this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

New year

People got locked down in their homes and even till now the classes of schools and colleges are being conducted online. And everyone was compelled to be habituated in the new normal of musk, hand-wash, and hand-sanitizer. So, in such a depressing environment, everyone is looking for a fresh start.

So, we must search for the ways through which we can bring freshness to our lives. It’s not too easy but it’s not too difficult also.
And for that, I think everyone should try to understand himself first. Everyone should discover himself, his potentials, and his area of interest. When a person gets to know his interest, it becomes easy for him to venture some new skills according to his interest. He achieves a clarity of thought about himself and thus he becomes able to make the path of his success.

And for bringing freshness, we will have to incorporate some new habits in our lives like book reading, regular exercise, spending quality time with family and friends. Because all these are really important in a person’s life. Books are the best friends, they always grow our knowledge. Regular exercise keeps our mind and body fit and also in sync. And the more we get connected to our family and our real friends, we become happy, pampered, and enriched socially.

Moreover, for keeping our mind fresh, we must say ‘no’ to depression and we shouldn’t repeat our past mistakes also rather we should learn from our misdeeds. And we should lead a healthy social life also. Even in our workplaces, we shouldn’t take part in rat races. So, we must cut down those things which give us mental stresses.

And I think, thus adding some good habits and cutting down some bad habits, we can bring freshness in our lives. And along with this healthy mind, if we learn some new skills and pursue our interests with a great passion, we will also be able to bring immense possibilities in our lives.

By Dyuti Banerjee.

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