Brain hacking by Neuralink

Neuralink: A goal to get the human brain to communicate with machines.


Neuralink is one of the ambitious plans to connect the human brain to a computer. Elon Musk, the co-founder of Neuralink, is planning to develop a “superhuman cognition”. This fellow wants to enhance the human brain to combat the problems that one faces in artificial intelligence.

Getting linked your brain to a computer system can eventually allow people suffering from Parkinson’s disease to control their physical movements. They will be able to manipulate machines via the power of thought.

The company of Musk is trying to build a device that will consist of a tiny probe with more than 3000 electrodes. These electrodes will be attached to flexible threads that are thinner than human hair. This will have the ability to monitor the activity of 1000 brain neurons. This implantation of tiny electrodes into the brain is known as “neural lace” technology.

Neuralink will also decode the recordings of the neurons. Hopefully, the Neuralink would someday understand how the human brain works no matter how many neurons they record. This technology will also be able to improve memory and will give humans added artificial intelligence.

The pig as a model

Musk had promised his fans to show a mind-blowing demonstration in which neurons would fire inside a living brain. Thus, the brain of a pig was used as a model to demonstrate his ambitious plan.

A pig named Gertrude was fitted with a “Fitbit in your skull” as been described by the tech tycoon. It was a tiny device that recorded the animal’s neural activity and displayed the recordings on a screen wirelessly.

According to Musk, this type of implant can cure paralysis, blindness, hearing. Moreover, Musk had even conveyed that this technology will be able to restore someone’s full-body motion.

Achieving this futuristic goal is quite out of reach. More studies need to be done. The brain is a mysterious organ. Neurological causes behind several things like anxiety and addiction are still vague. Scientists have to learn more about the working of the brain. They also have to know about how the brain behaves for all those ideas to become real. Investing in brain-machine interfaces are sure to advance scientific understanding.

Additionally, it is believed that our mysterious brain can be unraveled if Musk shares his wireless implant project with other scientists who are working over our brain functioning.

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