Are Today’s kids getting addicted to the Internet?

children lying on sofa and using gadgets

Modernization has changed so many things and humankind as well. And this has become possible only for science and technology. The Internet brought everything to our hands. Internet is always at your service; from buying kinds of stuff to providing entertainment, a smartphone becomes our best companion. But yes everything has a good side and a bad side. We always love to accept the good side, but the dark side may have an impact on us.

Undoubtedly the Internet plays a crucial role in our modern daily life. But there are certain things which may cause concern. Are we getting addicted to smartphone day by day? Does the Internet affect Today’s generation and their creativity? Are we getting utterly dependent on Internet?

Internet and child

Nowadays, especially in the 21st century, men and women both are working. So, they cannot manage enough time for their children. The busy parents give the smartphone to their kid as a substitute. As a result, the lonely kid spends all day long over the phone to overcome their loneliness. In this way, a child’s creativity may be hindered. Although they may become tech-savvy at an early age, they are deprived of social life.

Smart parents may think that their child is rapidly becoming intelligent, but this is not happening actually. The kid is eventually getting unsocial and does not understand that there is also a world outside the Internet.

So, if you and your partner both are working, then please don’t ruin your kid’s childhood by giving him/her a smartphone. If possible, try to provide them with books and football, and you will see the difference. Let them enjoy their childhood. Of course, technology is important, but everything has a definite time. When the child grows up, he will learn on his own like us. So, don’t worry about it and enjoy every moment of your kid’s blossoming. Happy Parenting!

Written By Saswati Chattopadhyay.

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