What is Young Indian Revolution?

Do you watch news or read newspapers? Everybody does that to get aware about things happening in and outside the country. But, what’s the use of that awareness? What are you doing except of being aware about the situations in the country?

Every day there is something in news like a Government servant caught in corruption scandals, police brutality on general public, Politicians doing scams, education system taking lives of children, robbery, human trafficking, money laundering, drug abuse, rapes and the list of crimes is never-ending. The Laws have changed! The Law makers have changed! Several institutions made to tackle all this but didn’t made much effect. The crimes are same since independence. The general public is still facing the issue of poverty, lack of services, illiteracy and the ruling attitude of so called public servants. What is the 97% of the population doing except of being aware about all this?

The machinery of system has caught rust in 70 years. The moisture of crime has weakened its engine. The condition is deteriorating. The structure can fail and fall anytime. There’s a strong voice for a polished paint of reforms and an oil of change that can ensure its smooth function for a longer period of time. But why are we telling you all this? How is Young Indian Revolution related to it? We are 100 percent related to it. We have got three things that a revolution requires. We have the paint and the oil required for the smooth functioning of the system. What are they and how they fulfil the requirement?

The Anarchist Club

Everyone has their own solutions to the problems happening in the country. But there are people who have the optimum solution of a problem happening. Which can cure the problem in a good manner. But where are those people?  Probably sitting at their homes thinking how they can tell or suggest this to anyone who will work practically for the solution. It might be you too! Our club is made for the people who want to work towards the change by suggesting the solution and even working practically on it. We will organize the club in a way so that every member can share the resources provided in the form of suggestions and practical solutions. The voice of our club members is the paint which will give the system a new look towards a renewed and effective approach. We will help the club members in raising a strong voice towards change through several resources provided by us. One of them is The YIR Magazine. What is it?

The YIR Magazine

The magazine is part of our journal which will talk about things happening in the society. What’s new in it? Every other newspaper or magazine does that. Actually the YIR magazine will not just talk about problems but it is the oil of change! How? It will talk about the solutions. It will talk about the issues which require change and how they can be changed. The solutions are going to be the advice’s of our club members and general public. The content is going to be written by our young content writers with facts checked. With this we are going to raise a strong voice fulfilling the requirement of oil for change and longer smooth functioning. The youth is the future and we are going to reach them through our notebooks.

The YIR Notebooks

A notebook is something a school or college student spends most of their time. They are always keen about the facts on the last page of notebook. Instead of the facts which are more of a joke we are going to provide eye opening and mind changing facts in our notebooks which will enable them to know more about us and connect to us. But why do we want to connect to them? The educated youth have always challenged the taboos, myths and injustice happening in the society. With their modern thinking and innovative approach towards problems they have the ability to change a larger section of the society. But for that they require a proper backup. We with our club and magazines are the backup. With our notebooks they will know more about us and will tend to reach us. And just like you they will be also reading this article and thinking to join hands with us.

Still thinking? We are here for betterment.

Join and support us towards a meaningful life!

The Young Indian Revolution(YIR) Team

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An Organisation which stands for the Liberation of Human Mind from the dominant shackles put up by the society.

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