The Cost of being Poor!

We are ending an era of consciousness that has been very destructive. Now it’s deteriorating by the plethora of means and entering into an accession process which is nothing but a global shift of consciousness into a far more heart-centred, a balance to move back into our heart centred awareness and humanity previously got disconnectedContinue reading “The Cost of being Poor!”

Corruption: A Termite That Weakens The Roots Of Democracy

Also called mal politics, corruption is the use of power by government officials or their network contacts for illegitimate private gain, violating their vows to uphold the Constitution and the sanctity of the land’s law during their oath-taking ceremonies are typically broadcasted all over the world. This political ideology of robbing your own constituencies’ resourcesContinue reading “Corruption: A Termite That Weakens The Roots Of Democracy”

Financial responsibilities

Today, India stands at a commendable stage; it has rooted out of patriarchal chains and differentiation. Though the government is going far, the matter of concerns stands at the personal level. Do we know how to make smart money? India has only a 2% population involved in investing. This indicates that we focus on makingContinue reading “Financial responsibilities”

Modernisation cum Indelicacy

Guess a country which has got a suffix ‘Mata’ with its name and whose countrymen are easily provoked by some fellow social media posts, and hence they dishonour this suffix with all their might. Today’s thoughts are greatly influenced by these posts, and the same thing has happened to the taste of youth today. WeContinue reading “Modernisation cum Indelicacy”

What exactly is Mental Health?

The term “Mental Health” Is very ignorant. Most of us don’t know what it means. Mental Health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It has a significant impact on how we talk, feel and act.According to World Health Organization (WHO), mental health is “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his orContinue reading “What exactly is Mental Health?”

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