The Cost of being Poor!

We are ending an era of consciousness that has been very destructive. Now it’s deteriorating by the plethora of means and entering into an accession process which is nothing but a global shift of consciousness into a far more heart-centred, a balance to move back into our heart centred awareness and humanity previously got disconnected from the hearts and soul at such as exponential level. Thus, at such a rapid exponential speed.

They were bringing in a lot of unconsciousness in so many ways. The complexity and enormity of the situation gate crushed each one into their cocoons sent back home. Everything shut down the lane. The 3rd and partially 2nd tier of the pyramid caused massive suffering. The farmers of the country, the factory’s daily wages, rickshaw pullers, three-wheelers income, everything triggered from top to bottom Since they are uneducated and victimized in a broader spectrum.

The contagious and vicious cycle of COVID 19 has triggered the efficiency-oriented competitive world of ambitious struggle. It has halted the entire humanity. Alike an absolute mutation, a total transformation of the whole structure and the nature of the human dimension will take place in quarantine, and the output would be the essential, productive us! The crisis is vast, but we are humans (We imprint our roots largely, and nothing is complicated for us to tackle out). COVID is a phase that’ll way by soon, a transition that’ll transform the human tic mindset. At the threshold of the third millennium, it’s time for the inner revolution to arise.

All outer revolution has precipitated. It’s fundamentally shattered. For instance, beings need new psychology to understand themselves—the pauperism, in contrast, to the pandemics it way beyond money and cyclic life. Poverty is stamped/imprinted to beings mindset. If one believes and inclines to the conscious/aware self, it’ll be eventually rich or poor. Poverty is fleshed far from the vicious convolutive cycle of pauperism. We’re supposed to devise a strategy new for psychology to understand oneself, connect to the roots to the depth and respond constructively. “The Catholic ic idea is a relief for the poor”.

The semantics of buddha comply: there is no need for any poverty in the world. Poverty is man-created, and it is in our hands to destroy poverty. But all the religions have emphasized relief for the poor. But relief for the poor is not charity. It does not love”. Wealth can give you all one can purchase in life. Wealth can buy almost everything aspect those spiritual values love, compassion, enlightenment, freedom, but these few things are exceptions, and exception always proves the rule. All the religions have been against life. They were bound to be against money, which is a natural result.

Life needs money, comforts and worldly desires of satisfaction. Metaphorically and sweeping generalizations, the beauty of literature, music, poetry is imbibed by the so-called poor. The “POORS eyes the landscape of vision and display of life”. During the grey shades of corona followed by quarantine. It’s time to showcase the unventured being’s dimension. On that sketchier note, no man is no only man. No women are no only women, both women and man is both man and women. One of the most remarkable insights ever attained. Life is a spirit, not a marathon. We’re all diagonalized in the parallel universe. The tip of the iceberg is that life is a mysterious vicious path to redemption and displays a quest for inspiration for one and all. “RETURNING TO THE SOURCE “WE WANT TO REALIZE THE TRUTH BUT CAN’T LIVE WITH IT. BECAUSE KNOWING THE REALITY OF THE TRUTH IS FAR EASY THAN LIVING IN IT!!!! You are an ordinary existence.

Raise the ordinary to the extraordinary. Start living and stop becoming. Losing time, energy, patience isn’t my forte. This acquiring state would never halt. Cherish the relish of the iota of originality. We’re born ordinary, just like everything in the universe. Whatever you conceive is all that you perceive.

My vision is of a rebel, of a man in the quest to seek the essential self, authentic self and a reimagination of oneself, chucking its greedy excitement of worldly affairs. Thus, in a nutshell, days shall flip from dusk to dawn squirm with textures of existence.

You’re the most significant insights ever attained. Giving a sanitized version of the topic, I’ll quote it: To rebel is to be revolutionary.

-by Devika Soni

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Corruption: A Termite That Weakens The Roots Of Democracy

Also called mal politics, corruption is the use of power by government officials or their network contacts for illegitimate private gain, violating their vows to uphold the Constitution and the sanctity of the land’s law during their oath-taking ceremonies are typically broadcasted all over the world. This political ideology of robbing your own constituencies’ resources for self greed fulfilment even though Mahatma Gandhi rightly said,” the Earth provides sufficiently for every man’s need not for every man’s greed.” and if left unchecked, will slowly but surely erode the fundamental spirit of democracy not just in one country but in the whole world for it has now become a threat to the global egalitarian society of humans in 2021

Someone has rightly said Crisis Covets Corruption, and the world has faced no crisis as explosive as the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic that brought human civilization to the brink of extinction. States worldwide have taken significant measures to address the health emergency and avoid a global economic collapse. They hastily mobilized billions in funds to procure medical equipment and provide a financial safety net for citizens and businesses in distress. However, the urgent responses required led some States to trade compliance, oversight, and accountability for the achievement of immediate impact, thus creating significant opportunities for fraud. Today the Indian bureaucratic system has become synonymous with bribery and dishonesty. The gap between the rich and the poor has widened, as has the misuse of public funds and embezzlement of black money into swiss banks by business directors.

Despite legislation like demonetization and tax reforms like the introduction of GST, India is still a far cry from being corruption-free. People who indulge in corruption show a severe loss of moral values and must be penalized under the Indian Penal Code’s stringent laws. Media, both print and electronic, can impact awareness and sensitise the masses against this issue plaguing the world. Awakened & enlightened citizens need to join hands as one and demolish and vanquish this social evil once and for all.

Written By – Yatin Arora

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Financial responsibilities

Today, India stands at a commendable stage; it has rooted out of patriarchal chains and differentiation. Though the government is going far, the matter of concerns stands at the personal level. Do we know how to make smart money?

India has only a 2% population involved in investing. This indicates that we focus on making physical capital than investing it for the future. It subsequently becomes a social ill as it begins to hinder the overall economy. Alongside added to this is that about a quarter of women are involved in financial activities than men, which is ultimately a vast gap. Let’s elucidate our concern. When we talk about earning money, it requires money for current use whereas the matter should be for future. Distributing your money proportionately will serve you good fruits; spending less on weddings or planning them with wit will help you optimise your money and save the environment. The bane over here is that we were never taught to utilise our money smartly. The lack of knowledge about hourly wages, loans and taxes indicate the stubborn mentality of money management.

Take up the curiosity and ask, where your money goes? Now the conclusion here is to learn about your money. You cannot avoid it; after all, it’s your daily business. Encourage your near ones to take up responsibilities about their money. When one social ill begins, it branches out many more, just like this branched gender inequality, lack of money management skills in society and many more.

Once you start, everyone will. The content of this document is not copied from any platform. It holds all copyrights of the writer of this article.

Written By – Akansha Saha

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Modernisation cum Indelicacy

Guess a country which has got a suffix ‘Mata’ with its name and whose countrymen are easily provoked by some fellow social media posts, and hence they dishonour this suffix with all their might. Today’s thoughts are greatly influenced by these posts, and the same thing has happened to the taste of youth today. We are being driven by the popularity of a particular brand and the design. There has left no difference between fashion and indelicacy. We are leading a generation that is more focused on changing style. The youth today is more bothered to show off their modernization. There’s no denying that the mentality, the freedom of a girl, the support and understanding of her parents are judged by the dress she wears.

What if a family decides not to follow western culture as it is leading our society to vulgarity?

Would the family be considered outdated or be orthodox? And if a girl wears western dresses like shorts and tight jeans, does this mean she belongs to a family that accepts modernization? Is this criterion of judging one’s mentality correct? If a father let his daughter lead her life and keep her choice freely but not allowed to wear western vulgarity, will he be considered an out-hat man? And if a father let her girl wear jeans and tight fighting clothes, should he be regarded as a pimp? And here our society is entirely trapped, and we are having some completely orthodox people like Maulana Jarjis Ansari who considers fathers as pimp if he let his daughter wear tight dresses.

We also believe people are narrow-minded if they don’t let their daughter wear such dresses. Youths need to understand that the choice of clothing entirely lies with their own decisions. The decision should not be made in terms of peer pressure or just by getting influenced by the social media Handel’s of some celebrity or by anyone they follow. A girl wearing tight and short dresses find her companions wearing the same clothes, and she fears embarrassment in leading her taste. It’s not her choice, and it’s the choice of the environment she is living in. We need to understand that being a lot modernized doesn’t make you an updated and accessible mind person. Today, celebrities are the most critical factor in influencing society’s dressing sense, and of course, they are more concerned with promoting Western dresses.

We live in a country which has a lot of diversity in culture and tradition. Many holy books have different philosophies. One of them defines women to be a goddess and the purest soul on earth. There’s a theory that says the women and the Bhagavad Geeta are both related to femininity. Since the Bhagavad Geeta is the holy book and purest book, we keep the text covered with clothes. Hence, the women should also cover up their body in the same manner and indicates that we have to boycott Western culture, which has a trend of dresses that reveals a girl’s body in many ways. But really? Purity of a girl is all about the dress she wears? We are completely confused between modernization and narrow minds. We need to clear that cloth choice is not a big deal until you decide what is good for your body and what’s not. The girls lacking confidence in facing peers with their taste should have the confidence to show that their taste of wearing Indian culture is far better than the westerns. And the girls who are not allowed to wear western dresses because of some superstitions and narrow thinking must make people understand that their dresses are not the reason to provoke a man to be a stalker or a rapist. Neither the dresses decide their purity. And the people who are entirely driven by vulgar fashion must understand the difference between such indelicacy and acceptable trends.

” A Change will come when proper education and modernization will Sync.”

Written By – Sakshi Sharma

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What exactly is Mental Health?

The term “Mental Health” Is very ignorant. Most of us don’t know what it means. Mental Health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It has a significant impact on how we talk, feel and act.
According to World Health Organization (WHO), mental health is “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her abilities, can cope with everyday stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and can contribute to his/her community. “

Let me give you some basic information about mental health.

Some of the different types of mental issues are Anxiety and Depression ( these are the most common), Panic disorder, Eating disorder, etc. People term it as ‘Mental Illness’, but I don’t think we should consider it an illness. It is a condition that is developed due to some reasons.

Childhood trauma, neglect, loneliness, and discrimination based on caste, colour, gender, poverty, educational stress, work/employment stress, losing someone loved are significant reasons for having disturbed mental health. No age group is not affected by depression or anxiety. Primarily every person is involved in some or another way. The only difference is that some people face it severely.

Symptoms of these conditions are feeling sad or low, loss of focus and concentration, extreme mood swings, crying, lashing out in anger, disconnecting from family and friends, stress, fears, feeling of guilt, significant changes in eating habits, suicidal thoughts, etc.

If we find anyone, be it a friend, family member, or classmate, we must help them with these symptoms. We can help them by talking to them. Most importantly, listening to them without making comments or judgements. Help them in taking advice from a therapist or doctor. Ask them what they want, what they like—there many NGOs, suicide helpline numbers, centres that help people overcome stress, depression and anxiety.

We must think before talking, before doing anything to anyone because one word or action can have a profound impact on someone’s life. We should not ignore, hate people with disturbed mental condition. We should treat them differently. Instead, making them happy and interacting with them will help them.
As Rainer Maria Rilke has said, “The only journey is the journey within. “

Written By – Chaitanya Shetty

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