Why is Signal preferred over WhatsApp?

Whatsapp’s new privacy policy is brainstorming almost everyone across the world. Users are worried about their privacy not remaining private anymore. Meanwhile, most of them are trying to switch their messaging apps to other platforms. And one of the platforms being preferred the most over WhatsApp is SIGNAL.

Let’s have a look into why Signal is more secure than WhatsApp with these 5 topmost reasons of its preference:-

1.  Signal is open-source and the entire source code for android, iOS and desktop application is available for examination of any sort of potential backdoors.

2. Signal is owned by a non-profit organization, unlike a tech giant that has stakes in monetizing the data, appalling history and poor track record in terms of security and privacy.

3. Signal has been using domain fronting on/off along with other methods for obscuring the traffic for circumventing censorship.

4. Signal, as opposed to WhatsApp, stores minimal metadata, in fact, the only thing it stores is the phone number, time of account creation and last connection to signal servers, whereas WhatsApp stores a wealth of information such as IP address, mode, battery consumption, app usage, etc. This means WhatsApp when hit the information disclosure request by law enforcement will be compelled to give complete information.

5. Most of the features such as private chats, auto-detection of old messages, disappearing messages, etc. come to signal first and then are replicated by other platforms including WhatsApp.

I hope you have got a clear picture of what makes Signal different or better from other messaging apps.

Written By – Maram Roshini

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