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Category: Horror Fiction

close up photo of pink and red fairy graphic textile

Unheard Part Four

After they bought chau to their livelihood, they made him free and were watching him with full concentration. He was scared that what’s going to be happened next, but!!! They […]

Unheard Part 3: Terrified Chau

He was lost now. His hands were shaking and eyes were crying of terror. HE WAS TERRIFIED. He didn’t know what to do. He sat under a tree and started […]

UNHEARD(Horror fiction)PART-2

UNHEARD, a Horror fiction by Palak Thakur. …..and suddenly he woked up in shock!! And realized that he was dreaming. It was morning now. He got out of his tent […]

Unheard Part – 1

Horror Fiction by Palak Thakur have you ever heard something unheard… Sometimes they call us, sometimes they watch us, sometimes they talk to us, sometimes they….. They exist?? Yess, they […]

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