The Tale of Your Angel

You did this because you loved her. You did this because you wanted to protect her. You did not want to see her suffer. You did this because you love her.

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Sitting near the pond, watching the sky lose its blues and the sun its charm you find yourself drifting back to her thoughts. They called you crazy for the love you had for her, but it really was the most genuine feeling you had ever felt, wasn’t it? She was your angel.

The chirping of birds reminds you of her pleasant voice. “Daddy, what are you doing? Where’s mommy?” She’d asked you with so much innocence that you just could not get yourself to tell her that mommy had left. How could you explain helplessly watching your wife burn to death, to your six-year-old daughter? All you could tell her was that you loved her, which was anyway the only truth she needed to know.

With each twinkling star blessing the dark sky, thoughts of her start to bless your empty mind. You miss hugging her tight after you would find her hiding under the table. Oh, how she loved playing hide-and-seek with you. You feel remembering those times.But not for so long, as the cold breeze brings the sad memories — memories of when they tried to take her away from you. Oh! to be without her, it still boils your blood and enrages your mind. What did they think of themselves? What did they even know about you? How could they even try to separate her from you?

But then again, soothing songs of the crickets save you from the sorrowful thoughts, just like you saved her from them. And brought her back home — and swore to protect her, your angel.

You really start to miss her now, even more when you see the full moon, it reminds you of her — she was just like the moon – a bright ball of hope in a dull sky, which is your life.

Looking at the red moon reflecting itself in the even redder water of the pond, you smile. You smile seeing her petite body float right besides the moon. And your smile grows brighter, contrasting to her skin growing paler in the cold water.

As you remember gently whispering “I love you my angel” into her ears. Right before tightly holding her mouth and drowning her in the cold water. You know mommy awaits her in heaven, for you had sent her there before sending your angel. You smile because you know you saved he. From this cruel world, from those people who wanted to take her away from you, you smile because you know she is with her mommy, you smile because you know that you gave your angel her much deserved heaven.

Reflection – I wrote this story for my creative writing class as my flash fiction.The father kills his daughter so as to save her from this cruel world.

Unheard Part Four

After they bought chau to their livelihood, they made him free and were watching him with full concentration.

He was scared that what’s going to be happened next, but!!!

They offered Chau some food and stuff to eat. He was surprised and happy. He thought they are good people and will not hurt him.

Suddenly when he was busy in his feast he heard people outside are singing

“TSAEF YAD”. After many attempts he didn’t understand what they are singing, so he wrote it in a paper and jumbled them in many ways but was not able to understand.

So he left it, wondering why to exhaust

mind in this.

He started preparing for his missionary for what he came, he opened books and carried a notebook in his pocket.

Then he went out to call everyone, but the scenario he saw lasted him in terror.

The senitals were putting on the same fire chau saw when he was entering to their place, where there were legs and skeleton of human bodies. He was shocked, that why are they preparing the fire now.

He went inside the tent and started thinking of what to do suddenly his eyes struck the paper where it was written “TSAEF YAD” when he again pressed the brain he came out with the right meaning “FEAST DAY”.

And then he started linking the incidents of setting him free and making him eat, so that he can become the good, fatty, desired food to satisfy all of their hunger.

When he realized the reality he decided to escape silently, and buried feet he went out, but it was too late now.

The senitals were just in front of him, they came to make him fry out for their lunch. He begged for his life and to let him go.

But they refused, they first tied him with a rope and then tied both his hands and legs with a wooden rod but it broke somehow. So they decided to tie him with a metal rod.

As they carried him on their shoulders to

the big fire hole, on the way the block dropped and stuck to the surface since the magnetic field of the forest was very strong (as explained in—) Unheard Part Two

Chau thought that Jesus gave him a chance to save his life, so he somehow stretched his body and tried to open the ropes, and he succeeded.

He escaped from there, the senitals followed him all over the jungle. He ran so fast and saw a cave and decided to hide there. He was so much happy that after all he’s alive.

But this happiness didn’t last when he saw the same wounds and rashes as he saw in senitals.

This disease was spreading in him too as he came in contact with them. He was totally unaware of what’s happening to him.

He took out notebook from his dictionary and started writing his last notes and letters—-

That how he came, he’s going through something he didn’t know, but he strongly feels that his death is near….

The most horrible part he mentioned was that he was Willing to die, because his condition was very critical the infection caught him.

After that what happened to Allen Chau is still a mystery……

What do you think???

Do the senitalese ate him or is he still alive escaping from them on the island somewhere???

Based on story of an American Tourist – John Allen Chau

By Palak Thakur

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Unheard Part 3: Terrified Chau

A riveting journey of Chau

He was lost now. His hands were shaking and eyes were crying of terror. HE WAS TERRIFIED. He didn’t know what to do.

He sat under a tree and started writing his diary in which he described that I’M TERRIFIED and I DON’T WANT TO DIE.

Suddenly he heard a noise of quakes and vibrations of plants around him. He feared for his life.

He held himself tightly and covered his face with his hands and started sneaking a peek, scared of what he would discover.

There were Sentinelese. They were standing right in front of him, with arrows in their hands.

Perplexing and freaky journey of TERRIFIED Chau.

They looked terrible, very different from other tribals. Their faces were sticky and all of them were almost same, but had different types of defects and a number of wounds in their body. A wooden crown on head and orange coloured spot or mark on forehead and white spots on faces added to their frightening character.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning excited the Sentinels and they started digging a big hole in the ground. It took sometime for terrified Chau to understand that they were preparing the hole to collect fire through lightning.

Chau, however, appeared a bit cheerful after watching people for whom he took this huge risk of coming to an illegal place.

Chau could not believe his own eyes!

But the tribe did not look happy!

They did not see him as a “visitor” but as something mundane like the fruits or vegetables they consume daily…

They tied Chau’s hands and ordered him to accompany them. Chau hesitated as they looked terrifying. He began following the Sentinels terrified. As they reached the camp or the living place of Sentinels, he was shocked when he observed skeletons and bones inside a hole in the ground. A hole just like one he saw before at the time of the lightning. The freakiest part was… it seemed to be made of a HUMAN LEG!

Come along in this journey and be terrified along with Chau!

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UNHEARD(Horror fiction)PART-2

UNHEARD, a Horror fiction by Palak Thakur.

…..and suddenly he woked up in shock!!

And realized that he was dreaming. It was morning now. He got out of his tent to get some fresh air and was so hungry.

So, he unwrapped his hamburger and ate it with some juice which he was carrying with himself. After this, he started his journey again with his video camera onn.

After walking some distance he felt a little unconsciousness like someone is pushing his brain out!! He tried to handle himself but failed. And got unconscious. When he woked up, his head was very heavy, his nose was bleeding and his skin got red rashes.

Before he could understand anything, a cold air passed by his ears which sensed

someone passed. He understood that something is going to wrong here so he decided to leave the island at that sec by using his compass to see the direction and started running towards north…..

He scared.

After covering a long distance he could not get out of the forest so he watched the compass again and observed that it was not working because the magnetic power of the island was so strong. He didn’t had any other option so he continued to walk straight assuming it north. As he moved forward, he saw a radio he moved towards it and started it on, in search of help. A news channel frequency catched, and he heard something that made him more scared.

A news that “AMERICAN BLOGGER JOHN ALLEN CHAU WENT TO NORTHERN SENITAL ISLAND AND NEVER CAME BACK” made him felt like death, he left the radio there and started running again…

After running and running and running for soo long!!!…

What he observed??


That he ended up at the same place from where he started…..

Unheard Part – 1

Horror Fiction by Palak Thakur

have you ever heard something unheard…

Sometimes they call us, sometimes they watch us, sometimes they talk to us, sometimes they…..

They exist??

Yess, they do exist like you and me, they too exist!!

Just imagine, we cross a number of roads, alleys, buildings, people, houses, lanes and more but have you ever heard something UNHEARD. You may have heard people saying their is something in here, in this place, a different kind of noise or sound comes when we cross….

How will it be stopped!! If they have faced something tragic, something very painful,

something beyond our imagination….

Something that has captured them, and they remained creating this dreadful noises. If you ever visit there, you will found a weird kind of vibe, like someone from a parallel universe is calling you, saying something to you, or just want you to be with them…ALWAYS and ALWAYS!!

The noises behind the door of every holy terror place!!

Just like one of them there’s a place called NORTHERN SENTINEL ISLAND which is one of the Andaman islands, an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. It is home to the Sentinelese, an indigenous people in voluntary isolation who have rejected, often violently, any contact with the outside world. They are among the last tribal people to remain virtually untouched

by modern civilisation.

It is said that just one encounter with any of sentinelese, and GAME OVER!!

India has banned its citizens from visiting North Sentinel Island or attempting to make contact with the people who live there. Going within three miles of the island is illegal.


In search of this, an American John Allen Chau landed on this island with a motive to convert the uncivilized people as Christians. Breaking every rule he went inside the island in search of this people,

he took out his camera and started shooting as he was an adventurous blogger. He started shooting the beach, the ocean, and then went inside the forest and was thinking this is gonna be soo

exciting, but probably he was unaware of happenings that are going to be happen with him. And now it was time for dawn…..

So he prepared for a tent and thought of watching the video that he shot. So he started watching them and suddenly!!!

He saw something UNIDENTIFIED and WEIRD in the video like someone has put hands on his shoulder, he got shocked when he saw this and got frightened and…….