The Story Of My Life – A Rant

The story of my life, I’m stuck at home. With so much work, no social life and I’m broke. Fun fact before I start – I was supposed to write this a week ago but I had 827364+ other submissions so…. This is a rant about the life of a student, and the problems IContinue reading “The Story Of My Life – A Rant”

The Most Precious Qualities Of A Leader

~ Written from the POV of a CEO. I do not believe in the concept of followers being those who cannot think or are not allowed to, or those who blindly follow someone and do not have ideas of their own. Followers, for me, are those who make a leader what he is – theirContinue reading “The Most Precious Qualities Of A Leader”

SEO – The cheapest method to succeed online

If you are reading this right now, I have succeeded. ~ An SEO Writer Ever wondered why — every time you google something, only certain articles are shown on the first page? While others are way back on the 10th page? While some loiter around in the middle? What decides the order of the searchContinue reading “SEO – The cheapest method to succeed online”

The Tale of Your Angel

You did this because you loved her. You did this because you wanted to protect her. You did not want to see her suffer. You did this because you love her. Sitting near the pond, watching the sky lose its blues and the sun its charm you find yourself drifting back to her thoughts. TheyContinue reading “The Tale of Your Angel”

Content Marketing For Beginners : The Basics

“I wish to pursue a career as a freelance writer, but I don’t know where to start. I have some experience in b2b content marketing, but that’s about it. How can I boost my content writing skills to produce great content which will help me grow in this field?” Why Content Marketing? Are you passionateContinue reading “Content Marketing For Beginners : The Basics”

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