The Story Of My Life – A Rant

The story of my life, I’m stuck at home.

With so much work, no social life and I’m broke.

Fun fact before I start – I was supposed to write this a week ago but I had 827364+ other submissions so….

This is a rant about the life of a student, and the problems I face as a student, especially after the lockdown. Please don’t take it personally and start to cry (on second thought, you can, it helps). I’d like to first address the elephant in the room – Covid19. For disrupting my social life and forcing me to lock myself up for over 6 months – not that I used to party 24/7 but come on. Being with your family all the time and them not understanding that just because I don’t go to college it DOES NOT MEAN they don’t give us tonnes of assignments and submissions which are due in like a day, sucks.

My solution to this used to be scrolling through Instagram – looking at memes and people my age achieving their goals and feeling sad but low-key inspired. But lately even Instagram has become a toxic platform wherein people who don’t even have a voter’s ID are talking about why America was better with Trump as their President or how their partner of 2 weeks left them for their best friend. 2020 is really 

All this being said (and sad), I can’t believe Covid has made my introverted self miss college, and hanging out with people. And honestly all I want right now is to go out and explore new places, try new dishes and not be stuck at home – confused about which assignment to complete when and submit where.

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