Mother’s love

Short Story by Nagasai (Entry No. 18)

Middle class mother’s
Story line vachi…..about mother’s and how they sacrifice their lives for loved ones 


(Story strats)
Inter nibba doesn’t understanding thier mom and strat blaming thier mom….enthalo pakana vaka abbaye, who is job holder vastadhu …paka House ee ga ani …apdu aa nibba ni piluchukoni veltadhu ….apdu vala madhaylo story
Job holder- aasalu amma ni edirichatam ekada nerchukunavu ra….vayasu perigey kodhi niku buddi kuda Ravali …amma antey vaka sacrifice person ….naku telsi anadari life lo tana mothers ee first hero and also 1st girl friend…just ne happiness kosam valla santhoshani kuda vadulukuntharu ..niku edi ayena noppi anipistey valla kallalo nillu teruguthaye.Mana intlo dad lekapoyina parledu gani ….amma lekapotey manaki confrirm ga ethics,morality and pakana ammayilaki elaga respond avvala telidhu ra ….
Nu epdu ayena uhichukunava ha aaslau amma leni jevitham ani….aasalu amma lekundha only father’s unna vallu antha Ekuva success avvaleru …..naku telsi,ee abbaye ayena amma mida Prema ledhu aney vadhu ledhu….nu pedda ardam avutundhi ra.
Inter nibba-Niku em Anna…Manchi mother dorikaru?
Job holder-amma antey manchivallu ra….ee prapacham lo evaru ayena sacrifice chesthanru antey …vakaru amma inkokaru farmers ra ….valla Prema vaka unconditional love antey ra,… prapacham lo evaru ayena entha Prema manamu chpusitey antha Prema trigiestharu…vaka amma vakatey manamu premaechina Prema chupichakapoyina ….valla chanipoyedaka Premisthuney untharu ra…nu prempichey ammaye ne kadha dabu ledhu ano…ledha succes ledhu anoo…vadileysthundhi emo gani…vaka amma matram nu succes lo unna,failure lo unna,nu tagubothodhu ayena,Manchi vadhu ayrna,pyscho Nayalu ayena ha…vallu matram Prema chupisthuney untharu…vallu mrng lesi levaganey ..valla children em tintharo adi chestharu….tana istam ayenadhi chesukuna kuda mundhu miru tinakey tintundhi..such a wonderful god ra amma antey…..enthu chestuna ma amma vallu ma deygara nuchi edi aschiharu ..vaka mana happiness tappa ha…chevaraki manamu success aytey …manamu emo vallani duram ga pedthamu…vallu matram epatiki gani mana success lo entha kuda adagaru ra….nu vakasari ee pudthavu ani nu anukunthavu…nu success ayedaka vàlu ninu mosthaney untharu …na life motham bet vestha ra….nu perigey kodiki niku amma mida Prema peruguthaye untundhi…..may be niku job vachaka ledha niku maaroge ayeko antha ga grutku chesukolevu….but vallu matram nu chachey daka epatiki ayena love chestuneyuntharu.antha nduku ra mana deysham lo manaku chala pedda korikalu unthaye ani mana studies kosam vallu Saudi dubai ki velli kasthapadtharu….akda vallu entha kasthapdtharo telusa ha….kani entha kasthapadina vallu kosam em cheyaru…tindhi matram tintharu …migatha dabulu antha mana chadvuly kosam savings ga chestharu ra….such a unconditional person ra …naku telisi mana ee samajam lo devudu evaru ani nanu adigitey amma Rupam lo unnaru ee kaliyugam lo ani chepdaniki evaru venakadharu ra……..
Amma leni jevitham …success leni life rendu vakatey ra……
Inter nibba-Sare na! Evi ani chepthanavu ga mari nduku sucides jarugutunaye and also love marraige ki nduku oopukoru
Job holder-sucides ki main reason ento telusa ha…
1) valla parents ki chepi..happy ga undhamu ani anukonoru …aa tym lo vallaki brain em panicheyadhu…evaru ayena sincere ga amma ni istadpitey vadhu valla amma kosam confirm ga sucide chesukodhu
2)valla goals fillup avvaledhu ani…Aasalu success avvamani parents chepathru gani ….epudu pressure cheyaru…vallaki valley assumptions chesukoni alaga chesukuntharu. ..
But,evaru gani Nijam ga valla amma ki respect estey …kanisam valla mom kosam tana life ni continue chestharu
Inter nibba-Okk bro ….love marraiges ni nduku accept cheyaru?
Job holder-mananu aytey latest generation ra….vallu mararu…manamu valla stage kadiki pothamu ga …apdu telsutundhi…vallu antha kadtha padhi Prema tho pechitey …manamu matram manaki istam ayena vallani love chesi velipovala..mari vallu kaninadaniki use enti ra?
Inter nibba-Entha ayena me mom great Anna….nu entha baga chepthanavo amma grunchi?
Job Holder-neney great ra……..
Inter nibba-aunty em chestharu Anna ?
Job holder-……adi ento ma amma Prema naku telseytapatiki….na pakana amma ledhu….na success ni chudla(crying)….evariki ayena eduthivari value vallu lenapdu ee telstundhi …..Try to understand
Inter nibba-okk na!inkapdu alaga amma ni badha pethanu

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Short Story by Suraj Shelar (Entry No. 17)

Bhavna a 15-16 year old modern teenage girl living in hostel away from her family and metro city life, Because of SSC Board exam bhavan miss her brother wedding.

After finishing her 10 SSC Board exam bhavan return home and meet first time her sister in law Kalyani (a small town woman).Bhavna lost her father a long time back,her brother is a night shift manager at medicine factory and fullfill all the requirements of home.

In summer vacation absence of her brother bhavan convenience Kalyani to sleep with her at open terrace. As days past new beautiful bond create between bhavan and Kalyani.

On Kalyani birthday occasion bhavan force Kalyani to wear something new modern clothes, Kalyani agree and try some new clothes and change it in front of bhavan. Bhavna watching Kalyani grown-up body and starting liking it. Into the birthday party bhavan rethink only Kalyani body and as days passed Bhavna attract to the Kalyani. One night sleeping with Kalyani at terrace, bhavan touch Kalyani in a seductive way before Kalyani know anything Bhavna kiss Kalyani. Kalyani little bit scared and curious but didn’t stop bhavan from anything.

As days passed a open terrace become a place for love for bhavan and Kalyani.
One day Bhavna come to know Kalyani become mother. A first clouds of raining season come into the sky. Kalyani run towards the terrace and taking off all the woman clothes from the rope where as Bhavna just watching and standing away from Kalyani. Thunder storm start and we see empty rope between Bhavna and Kalyani.

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It’s Okay To Cry When You Need To

Short Story by Dr. T. Nivethitha (Entry No. 16)

“The main purpose of life is to be happy”. But living with anxiety and depression, the main purpose of my life was to survive the day without breaking down. I was born and brought up in a toxic and traumatic household, all I could remember from my childhood were abusive words, criticism, unhappy and loneliness. Let me walk through the darkest days of my life. Being born as a dark-skinned child in the Indian community is always a shame to the family. I was always termed as an abomination, everyone used to compare me with my elder sister and wanted to create a huge rivalry between us for everything, but my sister was different, she never saw me any weak and loved me the same but others didn’t. I always felt that, “I am a proud dark-skinned girl and nothing can change it”. All I wanted to say is, “Not all parents are supportive, just because they gave birth to you doesn’t mean that you owe them your life or they have all the rights to destroy your mental health. Families can be toxic too, start normalizing it.” I had to go through a lot of hurdles and struggles. The most difficult phase of my life is the days that I am living now.
A little more rewind, I was diagnosed with severe depression about four years back after my relationship breakdown. All of a sudden, I started losing several pounds, there were endless nights of tears, most importantly, there was no one beside me to help me cross that phase, the people who I trusted to stay with me, walked away in silence. Later, my roommate understood my issue and convinced me to seek for medical attention. Being a medical student at that time, I was actually ashamed and scared to go through the treatments. I had to go through a lots of therapy, counselling sessions and medications. My social life was a disaster, instead of supporting me or understanding my situation, many started treating me like a mad person, my parents would mock me of my situation, so I stopped visiting them too. After about six months, I finally showed improvement by doing better in my academics and social life, I was back on my track. Things were going up and down for the next two years. Until a year back, I had to go through an issue, but this time I thought I was able to handle everything on my own without any help. But my mental health was deteriorating gradually. I was in my internship during that time, I wasn’t concentrating about myself more, I cried all nights, slept for 2 hours and woke up wearing a fake smile in front of everyone. I didn’t have the strength to burst out and I was trying so hard to stay sane. I didn’t get any medical attention. But I knew that things were actually getting worse.
A month later, I noticed swelling all over my joints associated with severe pain, I got a quick checkup and was later diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called the Rheumatoid Arthritis and now it’s been a year fighting with it. I couldn’t live a normal life like others anymore. Every morning felt like a battle, I had to fight for, the pain in my joints were excruciating, it takes minimum an hour for my rigidity to get normal after bed. I couldn’t hold my toothbrush normally, even peeing was difficult as my knee joints hurt. Normal routines have turned into a difficult task now, it gradually lead to frustration. I had severe plans about my future, I always dreamt of becoming a surgeon and holding a scalpel but now holding a kitchen knife to cut veggies is way too tough, my fingers will start to shiver if I put pressure to it. I became unemployed now, since I couldn’t stand or walk for long hours. My parents were actually of no support, they just let me down. I literally had no one to talk or cry to anymore. I stayed up all nights crying which indirectly flared up my condition, it was like a vicious cycle of pain. During all those bad times, I just wished for someone to walk through my door, hold my hands and comfort me. But it didn’t happen, so I stopped dreaming of such miracles. Slowly everyone drifted away from me, even my partner left telling that handling my frustration was tough and let me struggle all by myself. At times, I just look across the room, watching my mom in kitchen and wondered, I had the liberty to go, hug her and ask her for some emotional support but then the reality strikes. I knew that she was of no help. Since my medications were too strong, I always felt nauseous and kept vomiting though no one was aware about it. I gained several pounds during these days, and all I went through was body-shaming everyday. No one actually tried to understand my situation.
Even after enduring so much in my life, I had one strange moment that changed me, it was an evening as I walked into the hospital for my lab tests, all of a sudden I felt cold inside, I looked around the corridor, it was empty just like my life, I felt the darkest loneliness, I felt numb realizing that no one was there to support me cross this hard stream. That moment actually changed me, it gave me the thought that no one was there for me from the beginning and it was always me who held up tight and fought hard and came till here and wondered for what reasons should I be scared now. I questioned myself, “Why does this disease have to make me unhappy?” I realized that the answer was within me and I was searching it outside.

I’m struggling everyday but at least I’m surviving, I haven’t given up yet and I hope I wouldn’t ever.
I understood that, “Mental Health matters the most” even if it gets broken, eaten up or killing you, remember never to give up. There are so many people like me going through different hardships suffering from mental traumas, diseases, financial crisis, abusive relationship and doesn’t have any soul to look up to, I wanted to be that soul, I don’t want anyone else to suffer alone like me. I wanna be a ray of hope to many. I made this thought clear and now I’m doing better and I’m working on to settle up a tiny mental health organization very soon to help victims like me.


– Nivethitha

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Catching Feelings

Short Story by Rukia Debbarma (Entry No. 15)

Long time no see buddy… I knew Ric is doing it on purpose,Ric tried to come close to me and try to hug me. But before he do anything, Jonas grab his hand and he just pushed him away from me.

I could see in his eye that Jonas is angry,Jonas never this angry,aggressive and possessive guy..But I don’t know what happened with him,he never behave like this around me.. After pushing away Ric from me he growl and say that out loud —

“Stay away from my girl”
You lost the opportunity to touch her, the day you decided to cheat on her..

I saw a glimpse of tears in Ric eyes,Ric was a player,he never care about someone feelings but today something change in his eyes,he regretted everything what he did that day


,I could see In his eyes,after all he is my best friend..

Suddenly I see anger in Ric eyes,looks like he just change his emotions,Before he could say anything,one girl came out,calling out Ric name. The girl is beautiful she has brown long curly hair,perfect shape body,wearing a red dress,looks like a Victoria secret models.. And what happens next I was shocked the girl came between us and saying that—-

You must be Sierre.. Hi I am Rachel (Ric Sister in law) and then I remembered everything it’s Rachel Ric’s brother wife…

I heard so much about you from Ric,You are beautiful women,what Ric describes you are more beautiful in person,I replied Thank you



Rachel was trying to say something,before she could say anything Dean interrupted,he came out of nowhere, calling Rachel to come with him.

Before Rachel leave,Jonas loosen his grip and kiss my forehead telling me he will be outside,he needs some fresh air,I knew what happened with my man,I want to leave this place with him,before I leave Ric grab my hand without hurting me,he just say
“Just listen to me once”—–

Before he say something,I Speak up and say it out loud angrily—-
“leave my hand Ric”.
And he leave my hand but before I leave the room he said,

‘I regretted everything,Just listen to me once,then You decide “Babycakes” if I m a cheater or not’.
I didn’t want to listen what he has to say,bcoz I need my Man he is upset,he is my priority.

I was searching for him everywhere,but I couldn’t find him,I got scared then I realised I didn’t look out at the Flower Balcony,,I was walking towards the Balcony and I knew he is here,I smelt his colongne which is woody and spicy..

He was standing there looking at the moon,I must say right now he is the most handsome man in this world,he was wearing a Blue tux,the way moon lightening his tux I just want to jump in his arm nd say to him don’t worry I m here,I was imagining his touch but that didn’t last long..

When he called my name and say—-
It’s rude to stare “Love bug” take a picture it will last longer than stare,then he turn around and winked looking at my eyes 



I immediately reply,I have all the right to stare this man how much longer I want to stare it’s up to me,.
He smiled and come close to me,and say
“I Love You Love bug”,I can’t live without you,I saw a glimpse of tears,before I could see properly he removed it in a flash..

And I knew I have to lighten up my man mood,then I pulled him close to my breasts and say to him,let’s go  home baby,I have a surprise for you


,the party is almost o—–
Before I finished my word he kissed me fiercely,turn me around and pushed me towards the wall without hurting me holding my body close to his chest,and between the kisses

“I said we are in public baby”,

I don’t care if we are in public or anywhere,I just need my girl in my arms..

he just kissed me more and more,I was starting to get breathless then his hand started roaming through my whole body,then he just simply squeezed my thighs with his right hand giving me goosebumps,and my knees are started to getting weak,the more he kissed me the more I was getting weak,then he kissed my neck,more like eating my neck,he said between the kisses——

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The Haunted Day

Short Story by Naila Rais (Entry No. 14)

It was dark stormy evening. There was a pin drop silence except the barking of dogs. The valley was quite hot when the rain started with rhythmic tapping sound.

On that rainy evening I was lying in bed happily listening to the rain patter on the roof. I was all alone.

Suddenly a deep thunder sound was heard. I was panic stricken and witless. It was bone chilling for me as I saw a man with twisted feet from the window.

I started screaming and to get more worsen the light went off with a BOMB sound.

Just Infront of my bed the mirror was hanging . It had dark red blood spots. To make it hell suddenly mirror started walking towards me as fast as it could.

In a minute or two it thrashed my face . Little drops of blood started flowing on my face. I was in deep shock.

Now I could see the ghosts and witches. The hooting of owls and doleful cries of wizards, wailing started to repeat in my ears.
At that moment I could only believe my eyes and my hearing power. I was about to run away but I slipped down. I heard my mom screaming how such wounds you have got?

At that moment I opened my eyes and could see that I have fallen from my bed. There was a glass pot which was broken by my weight.

And about my wounds, it was the glass pieces that had thrashed me and entered my skin as a ghost.

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