Mother’s love

Short Story by Nagasai (Entry No. 18) Middle class mother’sStory line vachi…..about mother’s and how they sacrifice their lives for loved ones  (Story strats)Inter nibba doesn’t understanding thier mom and strat blaming thier mom….enthalo pakana vaka abbaye, who is job holder vastadhu …paka House ee ga ani …apdu aa nibba ni piluchukoni veltadhu ….apdu valaContinue reading “Mother’s love”


Short Story by Suraj Shelar (Entry No. 17) Bhavna a 15-16 year old modern teenage girl living in hostel away from her family and metro city life, Because of SSC Board exam bhavan miss her brother wedding. After finishing her 10 SSC Board exam bhavan return home and meet first time her sister in lawContinue reading “Clouds”

It’s Okay To Cry When You Need To

Short Story by Dr. T. Nivethitha (Entry No. 16) “The main purpose of life is to be happy”. But living with anxiety and depression, the main purpose of my life was to survive the day without breaking down. I was born and brought up in a toxic and traumatic household, all I could remember fromContinue reading “It’s Okay To Cry When You Need To”

Catching Feelings

Short Story by Rukia Debbarma (Entry No. 15) Long time no see buddy… I knew Ric is doing it on purpose,Ric tried to come close to me and try to hug me. But before he do anything, Jonas grab his hand and he just pushed him away from me. I could see in his eyeContinue reading “Catching Feelings”

The Haunted Day

Short Story by Naila Rais (Entry No. 14) It was dark stormy evening. There was a pin drop silence except the barking of dogs. The valley was quite hot when the rain started with rhythmic tapping sound. On that rainy evening I was lying in bed happily listening to the rain patter on the roof.Continue reading “The Haunted Day”

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