Short Story by Suraj Shelar (Entry No. 17)

Bhavna a 15-16 year old modern teenage girl living in hostel away from her family and metro city life, Because of SSC Board exam bhavan miss her brother wedding.

After finishing her 10 SSC Board exam bhavan return home and meet first time her sister in law Kalyani (a small town woman).Bhavna lost her father a long time back,her brother is a night shift manager at medicine factory and fullfill all the requirements of home.

In summer vacation absence of her brother bhavan convenience Kalyani to sleep with her at open terrace. As days past new beautiful bond create between bhavan and Kalyani.

On Kalyani birthday occasion bhavan force Kalyani to wear something new modern clothes, Kalyani agree and try some new clothes and change it in front of bhavan. Bhavna watching Kalyani grown-up body and starting liking it. Into the birthday party bhavan rethink only Kalyani body and as days passed Bhavna attract to the Kalyani. One night sleeping with Kalyani at terrace, bhavan touch Kalyani in a seductive way before Kalyani know anything Bhavna kiss Kalyani. Kalyani little bit scared and curious but didn’t stop bhavan from anything.

As days passed a open terrace become a place for love for bhavan and Kalyani.
One day Bhavna come to know Kalyani become mother. A first clouds of raining season come into the sky. Kalyani run towards the terrace and taking off all the woman clothes from the rope where as Bhavna just watching and standing away from Kalyani. Thunder storm start and we see empty rope between Bhavna and Kalyani.

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