Catching Feelings

Short Story by Rukia Debbarma (Entry No. 15)

Long time no see buddy… I knew Ric is doing it on purpose,Ric tried to come close to me and try to hug me. But before he do anything, Jonas grab his hand and he just pushed him away from me.

I could see in his eye that Jonas is angry,Jonas never this angry,aggressive and possessive guy..But I don’t know what happened with him,he never behave like this around me.. After pushing away Ric from me he growl and say that out loud —

“Stay away from my girl”
You lost the opportunity to touch her, the day you decided to cheat on her..

I saw a glimpse of tears in Ric eyes,Ric was a player,he never care about someone feelings but today something change in his eyes,he regretted everything what he did that day


,I could see In his eyes,after all he is my best friend..

Suddenly I see anger in Ric eyes,looks like he just change his emotions,Before he could say anything,one girl came out,calling out Ric name. The girl is beautiful she has brown long curly hair,perfect shape body,wearing a red dress,looks like a Victoria secret models.. And what happens next I was shocked the girl came between us and saying that—-

You must be Sierre.. Hi I am Rachel (Ric Sister in law) and then I remembered everything it’s Rachel Ric’s brother wife…

I heard so much about you from Ric,You are beautiful women,what Ric describes you are more beautiful in person,I replied Thank you



Rachel was trying to say something,before she could say anything Dean interrupted,he came out of nowhere, calling Rachel to come with him.

Before Rachel leave,Jonas loosen his grip and kiss my forehead telling me he will be outside,he needs some fresh air,I knew what happened with my man,I want to leave this place with him,before I leave Ric grab my hand without hurting me,he just say
“Just listen to me once”—–

Before he say something,I Speak up and say it out loud angrily—-
“leave my hand Ric”.
And he leave my hand but before I leave the room he said,

‘I regretted everything,Just listen to me once,then You decide “Babycakes” if I m a cheater or not’.
I didn’t want to listen what he has to say,bcoz I need my Man he is upset,he is my priority.

I was searching for him everywhere,but I couldn’t find him,I got scared then I realised I didn’t look out at the Flower Balcony,,I was walking towards the Balcony and I knew he is here,I smelt his colongne which is woody and spicy..

He was standing there looking at the moon,I must say right now he is the most handsome man in this world,he was wearing a Blue tux,the way moon lightening his tux I just want to jump in his arm nd say to him don’t worry I m here,I was imagining his touch but that didn’t last long..

When he called my name and say—-
It’s rude to stare “Love bug” take a picture it will last longer than stare,then he turn around and winked looking at my eyes 



I immediately reply,I have all the right to stare this man how much longer I want to stare it’s up to me,.
He smiled and come close to me,and say
“I Love You Love bug”,I can’t live without you,I saw a glimpse of tears,before I could see properly he removed it in a flash..

And I knew I have to lighten up my man mood,then I pulled him close to my breasts and say to him,let’s go  home baby,I have a surprise for you


,the party is almost o—–
Before I finished my word he kissed me fiercely,turn me around and pushed me towards the wall without hurting me holding my body close to his chest,and between the kisses

“I said we are in public baby”,

I don’t care if we are in public or anywhere,I just need my girl in my arms..

he just kissed me more and more,I was starting to get breathless then his hand started roaming through my whole body,then he just simply squeezed my thighs with his right hand giving me goosebumps,and my knees are started to getting weak,the more he kissed me the more I was getting weak,then he kissed my neck,more like eating my neck,he said between the kisses——

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