Jumping lunch box

Short Story by Firdaus perween (Entry No. 13)

A beautiful good morning with the warm wishings of happy birthday in a sweet voice and yeah it’s my mother. It’s 10th my birthday, the day for which everyone waits for a whole year. I am so happy today, not only because today is my birthday but, wait here is one more surprise ,l am not talking about that one which my parents giving to me, this is the surprise for you! want to know? Today is also my best friend’s birthday, our new school mate, a new comer. Such a nice guy, I don’t know how but just in a week we are good friends, ready to do anything for each other. I ready for school not in uniform but, in my new dress which my father just gifted to me.

I am so excited to meet her, but I think she is little late. And wow she finally entered but what is this she isn’t happy. I think she was before coming to the school. I said , hi! And now she is smiling, she is running towards me and she hugged me, she is smiling but I am sure not by heart, I think she is smiling just for me. She wishes me and I wish her. I am confused about what is happening as I asked her the reason why is she in uniform today the bell rings and we ran for the assembly.

This is our first period , our class teacher asked us to come in front. I am so glad, but what is this she completely refused. I turned and looked at her and my face becomes pale and I also said I can’t go alone. We both will go together otherwise not and I sat behind her. She holds my hand and we both come in front of the class, everybody was singing but she bowed down head and was looking so sad, when I shook her she looks at me she just smiled and I also but after that again she becomes sad it’s not only me who was noticing her but also my teacher and all my friends. Now it was the time to distribute sweets but she had no sweets. I asked her to come with me we will share my sweets but again she refused .mam told another of my friends to come with me.

Mam called her and politely asked her the reason responsible for this incident. She becomes sad , her big eyes filled with tears. Mam come to the bench and sat next to her holding her hands. She started telling.
It was the most beautiful morning of 10th just three years ago. I was sleeping. Suddenly a sweet voice entered into the ears and I slowly opened my eyes. it was my family singing birthday song for me. My mother was playing piano and father was playing guitar. after that my mother helped me on putting a new dress. I was ready and was waiting for the school bus. Parents hugged me and said my beautiful doll never lose your hope, always keep smiling and face the problems with courage and you will definitely win. And after us take care of your siblings and always trust on God.

Then I went to school. I was so happy. Every single one was wishing me .l was inviting my friends for the party . Just a few minutes before the lunch break our peon entered in the class he gave me my lunch box and talked to my teacher and leaved. Teacher looked at me twice and the bell rang . everyone was excited to see what is in it special today. I took out the box and placed it on the desk. I feel that there is some one who is starring me from the box with utmost love. It seems that the box is jumping up and down and crying to open it like something inside my lunch was alive and was in great pain. And the amazing thing is that only I was seeing this. I opened the box and screamed aloud. I was completely shocked and began to cry bitterly. And just tried to open it and read it but my teacher take it away from me. there was a letter covered with blood. The only thing that I read was “My beautiful doll” it was my mother’s hand writing. Teacher took me to the parents room and said to stay here. I was just crying and crying and crying. Then I heard my principal and teachers reading the letter standing outside the room. The only thing that l heard was my lovely daughter your siblings are at your friends house, just take care of them. And suddenly I saw a police jeep entering the school. Teachers asked the principal about the officer . Principal said that when she informed about the incident to the officer ,he told that he will inquire into the matter, but the first thing he wants to send the girl to the orphanage home.

l got extremely scared and I really don’t want to go anywhere without my siblings. Because when I heard the words of my mother’s letter, I promised myself not to leave them alone. And now they were trying to separate us and that’s not possible for me. I will not let them do so. So I ran out from there and some how managed to escape from the school. I directly went to my friends house. I saw there her parents sitting with my siblings gazing them in a doubt full manner. I then decided not to leave them here. I asked them to let us go from here otherwise they will kill us as well as you also for giving us shelter.

I hold my brother’s hand and my sister on my back and we went to our farm house which no one knows about. l then started working at the neighbors house to earn money and in the free times I used to made some clay toys, and play the instruments which my parents taught me to play, I used to sell the toys in the market to earn money every evening.

There one day a couple saw me and they asked me about my parents then I told them my story. So they wanted to take me along with them as they have no child. But I refused to go with them and told them about my siblings . They became so happy to know about us. They thanked the God for blessings them with three beautiful children together and they take us along with them. They are too good and kind and I am thankful to God for giving me so. That’s the reason I don’t want to celebrate my birthday.

Every single one who is sitting in the class is crying. Mam hugged her and praised for her confidence that makes there life happy and meaningful. And suddenly the peon of our school entered the class , he calls my name. he has my lunch box in his hand. We all get scared and where looking at the lunch box continuously. Mam moved ahead and give it to me. I was refusing to take it but mam put her hands on my head and told me there is nothing like that everything is fine. I took it and placed it on the desk. It started jumping and buzzing. We all screamed aloud. Mam then opened the box and wow it was the wonderful surprise from my mother a doll talking and dancing with my favourite foods inside it. I was happy and thanked the God that it has nothing to worry about.

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