Short Story by Sangeeta charan (Entry No. 7)

Maharishi Patanjali introduced Ashtang yoga to India and the world. Ashtang yoga consists of the yam, niyam, aasan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharna, dhyan and the samadhi stages. It signifies the all round development of our physical, mental, spiritual and moral being.

Our ancient culture abounds with the yogic practices of our sages and teachers who also taught the art of living through yoga and achieving our goals. Yoga was the only way to achieve eternal happiness.Yoga is the science which connects the mind and the body in a planned manner.

Yoga stressed the need for values in life, control over emotions, a clear approach, self -analysis and introspection. It helps us perform our duties towards society, develop sensitivity, a cosmopolitan outlook, love for nature and devotion towards the nation and an intelligent awareness of our rich ancient culture.Yoga help us lead a stress free life.

Yoga purifies our heart and slowly and steadily takes us onto the path of divine. It develops concentration and help us to control our emotions and ourselves. Yoga practices increases creativity and paves the way to new expressions which enrich our life.

Today when communalism is rampant and the individual’s heart is full of jealousy, yoga no doubt acts as a therapy. Yoga cures several diseases without any medicine. We must try to incorporate it in our daily lives, it can soothes our mind, body and soul.

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