An unusual love story

Short Story by K priya (Entry No. 11)

Emma was a teenage girl. Just like other teenagers she also wanted to fall in love, create a beautiful bond, build a mansion of memories.

Where did you and Dad meet for the first time, Mom? Emma asked her mother. In an interschool quiz competition. Your Dad was the most handsome and intelligent guy among them. Her mother replied. Wow, Mom! I hope I can meet my soulmate soon. Emma replied. You will, her mother replied and left for her job.

Emma opened her phone and saw a friend request from a popular boy whose name was Noah. In the year 2222, he got a junior scientist award for his handmade Roberts. From that day Emma continuously stalked and tagged him in her every post. After one year Noah sent a friend request to Emma.

Emma got surprised and filled with joy. She accepted the request and send a Hello. Noah replied to her message and they started charting.

Emma liked the way he talked to her. He was gentle and he helped her in several school science projects. Emma sensed a caring nature in him. Emma never felt anything like this with other boys. She decided to propose to him.

Once in a midnight chat, Emma shared her feelings to Noah. Emma said, I don’t know what you feel about me but I think I’m in love with you, Noah.

You made me sad, Emma. I thought I will propose to you first but you did it first. Of course, I love you too. Noah replied.

Emma was filled with happiness after knowing Noah’s feelings. She decided to meet with Noah.

Noah, can you meet me at LM cafe? Emma asked. Sure, let’s meet tomorrow at 8 pm. Noah replied.

Emma was excited to meet Noah for the first time. She ordered a beautiful red dress for herself. She made cookies for Noah by using the secret recipe of her grandmother.

The next day Emma reached the LM cafe on time. She was waiting for Noah at the cafe’s door. After five minutes Noah came with a bunch of tulips.

Hey, you remembered that I love tulips! Emma asked out of excitement. I remember everything about your likes and dislikes. Noah replied.

They went into the cafe. Emma ordered two cold coffee.

Emma, you are looking cute in this red dress. Noah stated. Thank you, Noah. Emma replied and blushed.

Noah, I made cookies for you. Eat and tell me about its taste. Emma said. Thank you, Emma. But I can’t…

Ma’am here is your order. The waiter put two cold coffees on the table.

So how is your Robert mission going, Noah? Emma asked. Well, I’m working hard on it. He replied. You are gonna achieve your dream very soon, Noah. Thank you for your support, Emma.

Why are you not drinking the coffee and eating my cookies, Noah? Are you okay? Emma asked. I’m okay. But I can’t eat and drink anything, Emma. Noah replied. But why, Noah? Emma asked again. A Robert can’t eat and drink like a human. I’m a Robert, Emma. He replied. Well tried Noah but your sense of humour is super bad. Emma replied and laughed.

I’m not joking. Emma. I’m serious about it. I’m not a human like you. I’m a Robert. When Noah was seven years old he made me. I was his best friend. He installed all kinds of human emotions in my software. He never told about me to the outer world and not even to his mother. I can feel others love and sorrow. But I can’t drink and eat like humans. Noah died in a car accident when he was twelve years old. The last time Noah called me and said me to take his place. He asked me to live like Noah after his death. After that day I took the place of Noah. I invented Roberts and got several awards as Noah. Even his mother is unaware of this. He replied.

Then why are you sharing your secret with me, Noah the Robert? Emma asked. Because I don’t want to lose you. It may confuse you. But trust me Emma my love is not fake. He replied.

Emma got afraid after knowing the truth. She ran away from the cafe.

Emma, wait. Please don’t leave. Noah said and ran after Emma.

Emma suddenly came in front of the moving car. Noah pulled back her and got hit by the car.

Emma ran towards him. Noah, are okay? Emma asked and cried. Don’t worry, Emma. A machine can’t die in a car accident. Noah replied and laughed.

Noah, I’m sorry. I got afraid that’s why I ran away. But right now I realised that how much I love you. Will you stay with me forever, Noah? She asked. Sure, Emma. That is super easy for a Robert. He replied with a smile and they both hugged each other.

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