UNHEARD(Horror fiction)PART-2

UNHEARD, a Horror fiction by Palak Thakur.

…..and suddenly he woked up in shock!!

And realized that he was dreaming. It was morning now. He got out of his tent to get some fresh air and was so hungry.

So, he unwrapped his hamburger and ate it with some juice which he was carrying with himself. After this, he started his journey again with his video camera onn.

After walking some distance he felt a little unconsciousness like someone is pushing his brain out!! He tried to handle himself but failed. And got unconscious. When he woked up, his head was very heavy, his nose was bleeding and his skin got red rashes.

Before he could understand anything, a cold air passed by his ears which sensed

someone passed. He understood that something is going to wrong here so he decided to leave the island at that sec by using his compass to see the direction and started running towards north…..

He scared.

After covering a long distance he could not get out of the forest so he watched the compass again and observed that it was not working because the magnetic power of the island was so strong. He didn’t had any other option so he continued to walk straight assuming it north. As he moved forward, he saw a radio he moved towards it and started it on, in search of help. A news channel frequency catched, and he heard something that made him more scared.

A news that “AMERICAN BLOGGER JOHN ALLEN CHAU WENT TO NORTHERN SENITAL ISLAND AND NEVER CAME BACK” made him felt like death, he left the radio there and started running again…

After running and running and running for soo long!!!…

What he observed??


That he ended up at the same place from where he started…..

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