The gap in trade deficit increases in India

The trade deficit of India  has widened sharply due to a jump in the country’s imports. A trade deficit – also known as a negative balance of trade – is an economic term related to international trade. A trade deficit, in short, means that a nation’s imports exceed its exports. In other words, a countryContinue reading “The gap in trade deficit increases in India”

India ranks 135 out of 146 in the Global Gender Gap Index

What is Global Gender Gap Index? Global Gender Gap Index (GGG) is an index released by the World Economic Forum that benchmarks countries on their progress towards gender parity on the basis of four key dimensions: Economic participation and opportunities Educational attainment Health and survival Political Empowerment This index gives scores between 0 and 1Continue reading “India ranks 135 out of 146 in the Global Gender Gap Index”

The Abortion laws around the world

Why in news? Recently, the U.S. Supreme court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade judgement of 1973 that gave women in America the right to have an abortion before the fetus is viable outside the womb or before the 24-28 weeks mark. Details U.S. Supreme court in its ruling said that they have no controlContinue reading “The Abortion laws around the world”

Govt plans framework to introduce ‘Right to Repair’ for consumers.

The framework which introduces ‘Right to Repair’ proposes to empower consumers. India is getting ready to implement a Right to Repair framework that would make it simple for consumers to repair devices, including smartphones, tablets, consumer goods, cars, automobiles, and agricultural equipment. India looks all set to introduce a right-to-repair framework. What is Right toContinue reading “Govt plans framework to introduce ‘Right to Repair’ for consumers.”

The famous games originated in India

From mathematical formulas to scientific discoveries, India has a wonderful reputation for creating numerous new innovations and thoughts that have changed the globe. Yoga, Ayurveda, and even sports have seen a significant increase in global inventions during the past few years. Even though many current games are played all over the world now, India isContinue reading “The famous games originated in India”

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