Unheard Part 3: Terrified Chau

A riveting journey of Chau

He was lost now. His hands were shaking and eyes were crying of terror. HE WAS TERRIFIED. He didn’t know what to do.

He sat under a tree and started writing his diary in which he described that I’M TERRIFIED and I DON’T WANT TO DIE.

Suddenly he heard a noise of quakes and vibrations of plants around him. He feared for his life.

He held himself tightly and covered his face with his hands and started sneaking a peek, scared of what he would discover.

There were Sentinelese. They were standing right in front of him, with arrows in their hands.

Perplexing and freaky journey of TERRIFIED Chau.

They looked terrible, very different from other tribals. Their faces were sticky and all of them were almost same, but had different types of defects and a number of wounds in their body. A wooden crown on head and orange coloured spot or mark on forehead and white spots on faces added to their frightening character.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning excited the Sentinels and they started digging a big hole in the ground. It took sometime for terrified Chau to understand that they were preparing the hole to collect fire through lightning.

Chau, however, appeared a bit cheerful after watching people for whom he took this huge risk of coming to an illegal place.

Chau could not believe his own eyes!

But the tribe did not look happy!

They did not see him as a “visitor” but as something mundane like the fruits or vegetables they consume daily…

They tied Chau’s hands and ordered him to accompany them. Chau hesitated as they looked terrifying. He began following the Sentinels terrified. As they reached the camp or the living place of Sentinels, he was shocked when he observed skeletons and bones inside a hole in the ground. A hole just like one he saw before at the time of the lightning. The freakiest part was… it seemed to be made of a HUMAN LEG!

Come along in this journey and be terrified along with Chau!

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