Speak Up Campaign

“It’s fine, you should keep quiet”
“Don’t be a rebel”
“You can’t do anything about it, just live with it”
“It happens, you shouldn’t tell it to anyone”
“Think about your family’s reputation”
How many times have all of us come across such statements and have suppressed every emotion and every feeling that we go through?

Time to be an IDOL for others

  • This campaign is organised for the people to speak up about their sufferings, problems they have faced and cannot tell to anyone. If you have faced any kind of harassment from anyone not just sexual but even if you have been a victim of forced bribery, power harassment from official. Speak Up about it. Speak Up and help us in creating awareness about the problems of the society. Speak Up and unmask the evil.
  • If you are facing mental stress issues, depression, heartbreak Speak Up about it by going Anonymous.
  • You can go anonymous and tell your story in the form provided below. Ask your questions and we will provide solutions in your Instagram(@youngindianrevolution) and also it will be posted on our twitter(@YIRofficial).
  • So if you are unable to come out of any misery you have faced, we will provide you solution. Write you tale here and keep a check on our accounts.
  • We request you not to submit any false data, as this is our step to raise awareness not hatred.
  • You can even message on our Instagram handle for the right advice. Your identity will not be disclosed in that case.

Speak Up Campaign Form