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During these tough times, in situations, we haven’t ever seen. We won’t be knowing what to do in many circumstances. We in YIR, in collaboration with various experienced experts, are organizing sessions for mental well being for free.

These sessions will be held on google meet, and be will be completely anonymous and comfortable. We will allow a maximum of 10 people per session to speak to get adequate time for consultation.

You have to enter your name, email, and some lines of what you feel right now in the form below. This will help us in grouping you with like-minded people. You will receive a google meet invite link, with the date and time of your session, on the email provided.

We guarantee you complete privacy and anonymity. We will not record session will not be recorded or use your data for any purpose.

The First session will be held by Dr. Vinti Agarwal (SBS Professor, Sharda University).

Registration Form

For any doubt, you can email us at marketing@yirkart.com.

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