Corruption: A Termite That Weakens The Roots Of Democracy

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Also called mal politics, corruption is the use of power by government officials or their network contacts for illegitimate private gain, violating their vows to uphold the Constitution and the sanctity of the land’s law during their oath-taking ceremonies are typically broadcasted all over the world. This political ideology of robbing your own constituencies’ resources for self greed fulfilment even though Mahatma Gandhi rightly said,” the Earth provides sufficiently for every man’s need not for every man’s greed.” and if left unchecked, will slowly but surely erode the fundamental spirit of democracy not just in one country but in the whole world for it has now become a threat to the global egalitarian society of humans in 2021

Someone has rightly said Crisis Covets Corruption, and the world has faced no crisis as explosive as the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic that brought human civilization to the brink of extinction. States worldwide have taken significant measures to address the health emergency and avoid a global economic collapse. They hastily mobilized billions in funds to procure medical equipment and provide a financial safety net for citizens and businesses in distress. However, the urgent responses required led some States to trade compliance, oversight, and accountability for the achievement of immediate impact, thus creating significant opportunities for fraud. Today the Indian bureaucratic system has become synonymous with bribery and dishonesty. The gap between the rich and the poor has widened, as has the misuse of public funds and embezzlement of black money into swiss banks by business directors.

Despite legislation like demonetization and tax reforms like the introduction of GST, India is still a far cry from being corruption-free. People who indulge in corruption show a severe loss of moral values and must be penalized under the Indian Penal Code’s stringent laws. Media, both print and electronic, can impact awareness and sensitise the masses against this issue plaguing the world. Awakened & enlightened citizens need to join hands as one and demolish and vanquish this social evil once and for all.

Written By – Yatin Arora

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