What is Poverty?

Poverty is a condition in which basic needs of an individual cannot be fulfilled. Facts say that two- thirds of the population in India live in poverty.

 Main Causes:

  •  Unemployment
  •  Lack of education
  • Migration to urban areas

 Unemployment and lack of education are interrelated with each other. Education is the most important and basic need of every person for his/hers well-being. With poverty, comes the lack of basic human needs.

 Although India is a developing country, it still fails to eliminate the serious issue of poverty. The other main cause is over- population. Deprivation is more deadly than any other disease a man encounters.

Deprivation has caused people to pay less attention to health. It leads to malnutrition, which in turn leads to high infant mortality. Children in the poverty line have no access to education. It affects the life of a poor family.

Steps the government has taken:

In order to make education reach every individual, the government has taken several steps like establishing government schools by providing free education, free uniforms, and books. Still, the parents of the poor kids don’t realize the importance of education. Instead of educating their child, they indulge them into child labor trading the kid’s future for money. The awareness of education to the people in poverty should be created. Personal hygiene plays a crucial role in order to lead a healthy and peaceful life. Poor sanitation leads to several health risks. The best example will be the issue the whole world is facing- Covid19. It stressed us the importance of personal hygiene.

How to eradicate poverty?

  • Increase in employment
  • By satisfying the basic needs of an individual
  • Sanitation facility

Besides, we could also contribute something to control it. We could donate our old clothes to poor people, provide them a good meal, help them with education etc.

Our one such act may not fulfill all their requirements but can make their day.

Written by- R.Varsha


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