Women-the mighty angels

Women and her role:

Women play a crucial role in the development and the quality of life in the family and the society. They are the explorers of the nation. Women nowadays explore the world and exhibit their skills in all the fields. During olden times, women were involved and engaged only in certain fields of work and men excelled in everything. But now, everything has changed. Women and men equally take part and excel in all kinds of fields.

Women- the mighty angels

Though we may say that both men and women are treated equally at the workplace, it doesn’t imply at home. As a mother, as a wife, she takes up more responsibilities than men. She sacrifices her contentment for the sake of her family. In olden days, when women were bound to stay at home with no education offered, she took care of all the family members despite her problems. Now, she does the same at home and she also works hard at the workplace.

Woman at home:

Psychologists report that women are more depressed when compared to men. Men are the major source of income for a family. So he puts all his efforts and focuses mainly on his work. Whereas women had to focus on their work, their family and hence she gets exhausted. She barely gets some time. It leads to depression. Men wanted to share their financial issues with her but are not ready to share the household chores with her. That is why we proclaim it as ‘the male dominated society’. Maybe most of the things have changed, but not this issue at home. So, she over strains herself in managing both the home and the workplace.

She plays the role of mother, wife, daughter, cook, artist, caretaker, administrator in a family. Though she gets exhausted carrying all the daily chores, she is more than happy to do it. She never complaints and never expects someone to replace her. But, it is every man’s duty to help the woman in her chores.

She is actually the ruler of the home. But she never proclaims it. A ruler is not someone who orders or commands people. A ruler is a person who leads for the betterment of their territory. In that case, a woman is the ruler of the home.

They have occupied a noble position in family and society. However, social evils against women are still a challenge. We can claim ‘Women freedom’ only if all the social problems faced by her come to an end. She is an angel to earth. Treat her like a queen and not the maid of the house.

Written by R.Varsha


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