Women-the mighty angels

Women and her role: Women play a crucial role in the development and the quality of life in the family and the society. They are the explorers of the nation. Women nowadays explore the world and exhibit their skills in all the fields. During olden times, women were involved and engaged only in certain fieldsContinue reading “Women-the mighty angels”

An episode of Hathras – Has a lesson been learnt?

Consummation- the very word defines as a completion. In the episodes of marriage, consummation comprehends it as a completion through sex. India, which is a magnificent seat, of orthodox principles, has a lineage of cluster family. The elders of the family found it bashful even to speak or utter the word, intercourse or sex, inContinue reading “An episode of Hathras – Has a lesson been learnt?”


WHAT IS BERMUDA TRIANGLE? Bermuda Triangle, section of the North Atlantic Ocean off North America in which more than 50 ship sand and 20 airplanes disappeared. The reason behind this is unknown. The area, whose boundaries are not agreed upon, has a vaguely triangular shape. The Atlantic coast of the Florida panhandle (in the UnitedContinue reading “BERMUDA TRIANGLE DISAPPEARANCES”

Why is Phase-3 of Vaccine Trial Complicated?

Written by Inshaa Siddiquee The Covid-19 outbreak has proved to be one of the most challenging phases in our lives. However, many companies are racing towards developing a safe and effective vaccine to protect against Covid-19. Moreover, Phase 3 trials of investigational vaccines are underway. How are vaccines developed? New vaccines are tested in clinicalContinue reading “Why is Phase-3 of Vaccine Trial Complicated?”

Marital Rape – A Taboo deemed as a Duty and Cloaked in the name of Culture

Written By – Ishita Singh Marriage between a man and a woman in India implies that both have agreed to sexual intercourse. The concept of Marital rape elucidates as an act of sexual intercourse without one spouse’s consent. It also considers as a form of Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and a Heinous Crime. Forced sexualContinue reading “Marital Rape – A Taboo deemed as a Duty and Cloaked in the name of Culture”