Financial responsibilities

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Today, India stands at a commendable stage; it has rooted out of patriarchal chains and differentiation. Though the government is going far, the matter of concerns stands at the personal level. Do we know how to make smart money?

India has only a 2% population involved in investing. This indicates that we focus on making physical capital than investing it for the future. It subsequently becomes a social ill as it begins to hinder the overall economy. Alongside added to this is that about a quarter of women are involved in financial activities than men, which is ultimately a vast gap. Let’s elucidate our concern. When we talk about earning money, it requires money for current use whereas the matter should be for future. Distributing your money proportionately will serve you good fruits; spending less on weddings or planning them with wit will help you optimise your money and save the environment. The bane over here is that we were never taught to utilise our money smartly. The lack of knowledge about hourly wages, loans and taxes indicate the stubborn mentality of money management.

Take up the curiosity and ask, where your money goes? Now the conclusion here is to learn about your money. You cannot avoid it; after all, it’s your daily business. Encourage your near ones to take up responsibilities about their money. When one social ill begins, it branches out many more, just like this branched gender inequality, lack of money management skills in society and many more.

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Written By – Akansha Saha

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