Racism- a pandemic

A race is a grouping of human beings based on an individual’s physical characteristics, such as skin, hair, or eye color as distinct by the society. Racism is the loathe towards people due to their difference in physical appearances. 

Racism – a pandemic

Racism affects an individual’s mental health. Their state of well being is deeply affected. Racism makes people feel uncomfortable for being born in a particular way or having a particular skin tone. There is nothing to be ashamed of their own skin color.

Racism remains as a barrier between social advancement in our society. No one is superior or inferior. We live in a world where all should to be treated equally. None has the right to dominate the others due to the genetic traits and the skin color they possess. It is a groundless method of judging people.

Causes of racism:





Why does it still exist?

Right from the ancient times, everyone grew the superstitious belief that black is a sign of bad omen. People even wear black attire to attend a funeral ceremony of the deceased. As a result, it has been practiced for years that black represents evil. Any individual who varies from the group in skin colour, religious practices is considered as the Outsider. This is where Xenophobia develops. Xenophobia is otherwise called Racism or the hate for people from other countries.

How to prevent Racism:

Creating awareness among people and to educate themselves about racial issues is the first step to reduce racist beliefs among people.

All are human beings, no matter what colour or country they belong to. Every person has different experiences. Share one such experience and listen to the experiences of other people irrespective of their physical appearances.

Speak out if you hear someone calling out racist comments and promote equality. All are humans. Everyone deserves to be loved.

Written by R.Varsha


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