Omicron Variant and Our Concern

Covid-19 pandemic across the globe has taken a new turn on the discovery of a new variant, named Omicron. While there are many other variants of Covid-19, both active and inactive, the Omicron variant has taken the world media by storm. Let us find out in this article what exactly are the concerns in mostContinue reading “Omicron Variant and Our Concern”

Racism- a pandemic

A race is a grouping of human beings based on an individual’s physical characteristics, such as skin, hair, or eye color as distinct by the society. Racism is the loathe towards people due to their difference in physical appearances.  Racism affects an individual’s mental health. Their state of well being is deeply affected. Racism makesContinue reading “Racism- a pandemic”

Fair skin obsession in India

Indians have always been obsessed with fair skin because they compare fairness to beauty. Beauty and fairness are not synonymous and cannot be used interchangeably. Just because you are not fair does not mean that you would not be beautiful. With all the fairness creams and beauty products emerging in the market, we Indians assumeContinue reading “Fair skin obsession in India”

10 ways to promote anti-racism at workplace.

Have a diverse group of employees who are so passionate about their work that they don’t have time for all this non-sense. Also create an environment where people don’t target each other. While calling people for interviews at your firm do run a background check at them and make sure to know about their behaviorContinue reading “10 ways to promote anti-racism at workplace.”

Is the world becoming Anti-China?

The world as we know it today seems to be forming an alliance against China, mostly because of suspicions behind the widespread Covid19, due to which as many as 552K people succumbed to their deaths (as of 10/07/2020). There were many accusations thrown at China, most of which were conspiracies like the Coronavirus being releasedContinue reading “Is the world becoming Anti-China?”

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