Fair skin obsession in India

Indians have always been obsessed with fair skin because they compare fairness to beauty. Beauty and fairness are not synonymous and cannot be used interchangeably. Just because you are not fair does not mean that you would not be beautiful. With all the fairness creams and beauty products emerging in the market, we Indians assume fairness to be the reason of beauty and success. No, the fairness cream won’t give you a good job, the fairness cream cannot make you successful, the fairness cream won’t help you achieve your goals.

They are just the misconceptions which the companies create in the minds of people. This increases its sale and market value. The companies tried to fill our minds with their thoughts. They tried to make us see what they wanted us to see. Also, we got into what the commercials showed us and denied to know the reality. We started altering our minds and perspective based on the ones shown to us by the advertisements, celebrities and various companies. The viewers are also to be blamed because we started believing the unreality even after knowing the truth. We started being partial with the people around us on basis of their skin colour.

Indian society claims fairness to be an explanation of beauty. But little do they understand that beauty cannot be defined by fairness. You could be dark-skinned and yet be beautiful and flawless.

It is rightly said, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and not in your skin colour or your complexion. The nation might be more successful the day it understands the true meaning of beauty.

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