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We at YIR work towards helping the Youth to express themselves through our Products and Services.

You must be wondering how do we do that?

Let’s start from our products. YIR is into creating Notebooks and registers.

What is so revolutionary in these Notebooks and registers?

Not like Ordinary plain notebooks with a nature or monument photograph. Our products are designed in a way that they speak. How? The designs are YIR notebook are made by Young Students, even some of designs are handcrafted designs printed using state of art technology. The graphical designs are made such a detail manner, that every time you look at them. You will notice something new.

Using spot UV and Hybrid printing effect we have created notebook, having a special highlighted cover, which makes you feel the design.

Ranging from regular size(24 * 18CM) notebooks for kids and school goers. To registers of various sizes according to needs. The colourful range also has spiral notebooks.

We have worked on making our products 100% plastic free and sustainable. There is no plastic covering on the covers of notebook. The pages are thick and chlorine free.

We have a special range of kraft paper notebooks, which are brown cover notebooks, an aesthetic and sustainable product starting from as low as 32 Rs.

Our notebooks are available on major e-commerce platforms – Amazon.in and Flipkart.com .

Check out more on YIR product page, on menu section.

We also run various campaigns and competition, provide scholarships to students through retailers and schools. Details are available in our websites menu and for any query you can email us at info@yirkart.com.

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YIR brings to you a wide range of binge material like stories, fictions, poetry, art, educational and revolutionary articles, and much more written by our young writers. EXCLUSIVE AND LATEST articles only for you! Also, by becoming our premium member the subscription fee charged would go behind the welfare of these young writers who are working tirelessly for bringing you fresh reads daily.

These are written by Young Writers of India, mostly school and college going students. Our team here at YIR is all of college goings. Teaming up and providing support and platform to each other. Get articles delivered in your inbox, Subscribe today.

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    After the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot has changed regarding the interaction between people and the allowance of crowds. After initial lockdown days, as the world reopened after the pandemic, the games, like cricket, football, rugby and even Olympics were held remotely without any spectators. However, as the pandemic subsided, bit by bit, the crowds were […]

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    Sikkim, the least populous state in India, is strategically one of the most important. Sikkim is tucked away in the high hills of the Himalayas, and is connected to the rest of India through only one major road. Sikkim borders 3 countries, China, Nepal and Bhutan, and parts of it are disputed with China. With […]

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    Heatwave is classified in India, when a region experiences maximum temperature greater than 40℃ for plains and departure of maximum temperature greater than 4.5℃ from normal. Going by the definition, Kolkata did not experience a single day of heatwave yet in this April, though north Kolkata did experience heatwave days in the beginning of this […]

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