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Tag: Covid-19

Election during Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has decreased to a few isolated pockets in India. But since the start of March, it has spread quite rapidly in those pockets. Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka […]

Covid-19 and Schools

Coronavirus cases in the country are at an all-time low in the last six months. So it is time to open up schools and colleges as online teaching is not […]


Hello folks !! So finally we’ve entered 2021 in a very adventurous way. As now you all know of the adventure I’m talking about , the  adventure of COVID-19. Did you […]

design desk display eyewear


The COVID-19 pandemic has appeared in an unparalleled economic recession and state indifference. The most deprived section of society (class, caste, and gender) has suffered these manufactured disasters’ most severe […]

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