Hydroponics : the future of agriculture and farming

What is hydroponics?

The answer to this is that hydroponics is the science of growing plants without the use of soil but rather by the use of nutrient-enriched water containing all the essential elements needed by a plant for its average growth and development. In times of crisis, hydroponic gardening is incredibly crucial. Hydroponic farming was not available at the start of the twenty-first century. In just the last 20 years, the business has grown significantly and is already changing our agricultural methods and the course of our food system. 

It is a sustainable method of farming. In addition to being safe for consumption, fruits and vegetables grown hydroponically are also safe for the environment and the people who grow them, i.e., home farmers or commercial farming. Knowing what is in your food is one of its main benefits when cultivating it yourself. You may carefully raise the plants at home on your balcony or on your terrace because you are in complete control of the nutrients in the substrate. Additionally, you will always be sure that there is no pesticide in your food.

Hydroponics can be the future of agriculture and farming as urbanisation is increasing day by day. In the near future, we could run short of land to produce food to feed our growing population. The soil is also degrading. Rainforests that regulate our atmosphere and purify our air are rapidly being destroyed to use that land for agricultural purposes. Deforestation continuously leads to increasing global warming. The use of hydroponics can save our forests as well. Hydroponics requires fewer resources and thus protects our natural resources. The use of pesticides, deforestation and increasing global warming, all have hazardous effects on human health.

The hydroponics method can be taken into consideration to control all these environmental problems. It is a method toward a sustainable food ethic that prioritises the health of our food, bodies, and environment without using a lot of pesticides. While there are many aspects and causes of our global climate problem, minimising the influence of the agricultural sector will be a big step forward.

By Garmia Tak

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