The first lab-confirmed case of monkeypox was found in India on July 14 2022. An infected person is a 35-year-old man from Kerala who reached the capital of Kerala on July 11 from UAE. The Institute of Virology, Pune, confirmed the case around 7 pm. The person is a Kollam native and is currently under observation and quarantined as per the government’s guidelines. As per reports, he is not considered to be in an unstable condition, but he is a little anxious.

It all began when he had a fever and visited a private hospital to get himself checked. He was cooperative and gave all the information about his recent travel history and close contacts. After running a few tests, he was found to be positive for monkeypox. It was also reported that one of these close contacts in UAE had contacted monkeypox.
He has to be quarantined for 21 days and under observation. His close contacts have also been isolated. As reported, the patient was wearing a mask while travelling and wore clothes that covered him entirely.
The Kerala Health department closely monitors the movement of everyone he interacts with. Also, testing and surveillance are being maintained by the government. The government has also said that normal rashes should not be considered monkeypox, and testing should be carried out as that would cause havoc in society.
Symptoms of monkeypox include rashes, fever, joint ache, and headache. The time of exposure ranges from 5 to 21 days. Health officials have mentioned that anyone with fever and rashes should be tested immediately. The primary source of this virus is considered to be rodents.
Hence, to protect yourself from the virus, you shall avoid being in public, wear a mask, and follow good hygiene.

Written By Saanvi Bakshi

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