Equality and equity

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Meaning of Equality and Equity:

According to some dictionaries, equality somewhat means the situation in which everyone has the same rights and advantages, whereas equity is the quality of being fair and impartial.
Nowadays, everyone craves equality rather than equity.
Equality means sameness, and equity means fairness.
The inequality we provide everyone with the same opportunities and inequity offers everyone access to the same options.
Equality works when everyone starts from the same place, which means equity must stand before equality.


For example, everyone stands on the same starting point during a race to reach the same endpoint. Who will win that depends on who comes first from the start to end, not someone who joins the race after the mid point?
Your Success depends on your work. I don’t think our dignity should allow us to possess equality just for the sake of providing someone with access to opportunities and some with none.

For example— in India, a national level entrance medical test NEET is conducted to get category reservations. To Achieve Success, you need more hard work if you belong to a general category. In contrast, others can get it for a relatively lower score.

How can you expect the one who is getting a college at a much lower rank and the one who has done a lot to get this who would be a better doctor whereas, in the exam for chartered accountancy, the CA exam? There is no such reservation. You have to work for what you want to achieve.


Equality and equity go hand in hand. We have several misconceptions regarding them, even in our families. Parents provide things to their babies to be impartial so that their children don’t think that. Parents should teach their children it isn’t partiality when one gets more it’s about their needs their is a bit different. The needy one should get more of it, not the one who is already full. Still, to ensure equality, this happens in our democracy; also rich get access to more than those who are not, which I don’t think should prevail.

Equality is fundamental, but unless equity is possessed, it doesn’t mean anything.
And equity will only be possessed when we teach ourselves about our needs.

Similarly, we choose our needs more than just luxuries. Everyone wants to live a better life, but earning to pass on to the next generations doesn’t mean anything. If one is capable, they will get it by themselves, no need to teach how to beg for and take advantage of your state because you stop someone from getting what they deserve. You want yourself to deserve that.

Written by Prachi Chand.

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