How to manage studies and work life as a student?

Life has seen a tremendous change in the past two years. Something that couldn’t even be imagined happened so suddenly within a fraction of a second, completely changing human life. No doubt the Covid-19 lead us more closer to the digital and techno world. Not only working professionals but also students and non-professional individuals startedContinue reading “How to manage studies and work life as a student?”

Cyber World- A boon or a bane?

We all are well aware about today’s generation’s attraction towards the cyber world from adults to the children everyone enjoys the benefits they are getting from the internet. It is a way of receiving information and sharing it to the world. The whole world becomes a global village due to the cyber world. It linksContinue reading “Cyber World- A boon or a bane?”

Conducting exams during Covid-19 pandemic: is it fair?

“The sanctity of a degree-granting institution has never before been questioned by the industry. So should students be risking their lives to appear for an exam amidst the pandemic?” Students across the globe are facing hiatus brought on by the pandemic COVID 19 crises since March 2020. In ongoing circumstances. March is the month whenContinue reading “Conducting exams during Covid-19 pandemic: is it fair?”

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