Why even 37℃ is too hot in Kolkata?

Heatwave is classified in India, when a region experiences maximum temperature greater than 40℃ for plains and departure of maximum temperature greater than 4.5℃ from normal. Going by the definition, Kolkata did not experience a single day of heatwave yet in this April, though north Kolkata did experience heatwave days in the beginning of thisContinue reading “Why even 37℃ is too hot in Kolkata?”

Study from Home vs Work from Home

Study from home and work from home have become a new normal in Covid-19 pandemic. There are mixed reviews on both of them, with some pressing on the opening of educational institutions and offices, while others prefer the continuation of the new normal even after the pandemic. In this article, we will discuss the prosContinue reading “Study from Home vs Work from Home”

Reminiscence Of The Christmas Day Of Our School Life

School days are the most wonderful and mesmerizing days of our lives. In this memorable phase, we only had stressed to clear the exams. We had the opportunity to make eternal reminiscence by going to a school picnic or trips with our friends. But if you are a convent student then Christmas add up toContinue reading “Reminiscence Of The Christmas Day Of Our School Life”

Conducting exams during Covid-19 pandemic: is it fair?

“The sanctity of a degree-granting institution has never before been questioned by the industry. So should students be risking their lives to appear for an exam amidst the pandemic?” Students across the globe are facing hiatus brought on by the pandemic COVID 19 crises since March 2020. In ongoing circumstances. March is the month whenContinue reading “Conducting exams during Covid-19 pandemic: is it fair?”

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