Reminiscence Of The Christmas Day Of Our School Life

photo of girl sitting near christmas tree

School days are the most wonderful and mesmerizing days of our lives. In this memorable phase, we only had stressed to clear the exams. We had the opportunity to make eternal reminiscence by going to a school picnic or trips with our friends. But if you are a convent student then Christmas add up to your memories of your school life. Christmas would feel like a Diwali to you.

Taking a trip down memory lane, I tried to recollect the Christmas days of my school life. December was the favorite month as it gives the affection of love and care of Christmas. The whole school was euphonious with lovely Christmas carols. Everyone waited for the Christmas carol competition. Irrespective of religion every student loved to sing melodious carols. And the better singers in the class would always lead the choir. We all sang melodiously from “silent night” to “Jingle Bells” in unison. Everyone tried to modulate the voices of the leading singers but the girl with high pitch always faced disapproval from the choir.


Do you remember playing Secret Santa? This game created more excitement for all of us. Everyone had to exchange secret gifts and messages to one of our classmates. It was really fun to bond with new people.

We all had smiling faces because we were allowed to wear colored dresses and not uniforms. A small skit was performed to recreate the moment of the birth of baby Jesus. The skit was followed by Santa showering loads of chocolates on us. Then we all would head back into the classroom to get delicious muffins, pastries, and snacks. The day always ended with joy and amusement.

Well, we don’t understand this fun until our school life gets over. We all miss those school days!

Written by Saheli Debnath.

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