Viewer Discretion Required: The Reality of ‘New’ media

You switch on the news channel and see a person shouting at the highest of his lungs trying his best to make you think that the establishment is ‘always’ right. You flip the channel and are welcomed by a man who barely resembles Imran Khan, mimicking the Pakistani PM. Yet one more channel flip andContinue reading “Viewer Discretion Required: The Reality of ‘New’ media”

How to flatten the curve of COVID 19 ?

Introduction: With the spread of COVID-19, the world is facing an unprecedented economic, social and political crisis. Global leaders and experts said COVID-19 is and will be “the gravest challenge since the World War II.” Korea is no exception in this global pandemic. Koreahad a surge of COVID-19 outbreak and virus started spreading at theContinue reading “How to flatten the curve of COVID 19 ?”

The Swedish Riots of 2020: A brief overview

The Swedish city of Malmo witnessed riots on 29th August, 2020. Protests begun soon after a copy of Quran was burnt by members of the far-right Danish party Stram Kurs. Indian Express reported that over 300 people took part in these protests. The news outlet also informed that few of the protesters might have thrownContinue reading “The Swedish Riots of 2020: A brief overview”


Indian politics has already come up with different versions of “sons of the soil” theory over the decades. Recently, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh announced that only those domiciled in their state would be eligible for the government jobs in Madhya Pradesh. Though it is not unique, it directly signifies acceptingContinue reading “NATIVISM AND RISING UNEMPLOYMENT CRISIS IN INDIA”

Links Between Facebook and The BJP

Just the day before our 73rd Independence Day on 14th August 2020, a report by Newley Purnell and Jeff Horwitz was published in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) “exposing” the links of Facebook with the ruling party in India (Union), the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The report stated that the Facebook’s regional chief (Director) ofContinue reading “Links Between Facebook and The BJP”

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