Internet: – Oasis of Opportunities

Internet could be a virtual world inside itself, parallel to the current fabulous natural creation. Folks live to tell the tale on the Internet, talk here, meet here and boom! Work from home, it’s all Internet. Let us take a deeper dive and see the larger picture ……. How? via the Internet.

•            Excavation of net

•            Rocket Science Behind its operating

•            Benefits

 “Advanced Research Projects Agency Network” you may not be okay tuned in to what this is; it’s nothing but the full form of ARPANET, the primary viable image of the Internet that came in limelight in the late Sixties.

The primary message sent via this wonderful technology was “LOGIN” and guess what the receiver system crashed and solely received “LO”.

The online world then took on an additional recognizable type in 1990, once soul Tim Berners-Lee the WWW (World Wide Web).

Whereas it’s usually confused with the Internet itself, is basically simply the foremost common means that of accessing knowledge online inside the type of internet sites and hyperlinks.

The World Wide Web helped popularize the net among the overall public and served as a vital step in developing the immense treasure of knowledge that the bulk people currently access on a day today.

How does Internet work?

The Internet works through a packet routing network in accordance with the Internet Protocol (IP), the Transport management Protocol (TCP) and different protocols.

What’s a protocol?

A protocol may even be a gaggle of rules specifying however computers ought to communicate with each other over a network. as associate degree example, the Transport management Protocol options a rule that if one laptop sends the knowledge to a particular laptop.

The destination laptop ought to let the receiving laptop recognize if any knowledge was missing thus the receiving laptop will re-send it. Or the informatics that specifies, however, computers ought to route info to different computers by attaching addresses onto the data it sends.

What’s a packet?

Data sent across the net is called a message. Before a message is shipped, it’s split in several fragments known as packets.

These packets area unit sent severally of each different. The quality most packet size is between a thousand and 3000 characters. The net informatics specifies however messages ought to be packetized.

It’s laborious to imagine the planet without the Internet of late.

I mean, did you recognize that there are nearly 4.5 billion people online, over 1.7 billion websites; around half dozen million new web posts print daily, and countless Google searches happening each second?

Those sorts of stats blow my mind…

They show simply how basic the net is to our lives. On behalf of me and billions of others out there, the Internet is currently central to however we do things. Our reliance on the net isn’t without purpose. You’ll be separated by continents however speak with wanted ones as if they’re within the same room; you’ll see their faces at an identical time. You’re never alone with the net.

I see the Internet as ‘the Ultimate enabler’.

It makes things possible and easy. Subtract the Internet and everything gets that bit additional inconvenient.

Information is everything and the Internet is choked with it. Something you would like to search out, discover, and learn about…you go straight to Google, right? That’s it.

No additional encyclopedias, no additional unending arguments, no additional uncertainty. Simply raise Google and obtain your answers.

That’s powerful, and another excuse I reckon we’d all struggle if you took the net away all of a sudden. Where would we tend to choose information?

It would be just like the collapse of the Roman Empire and therefore the swift descent into the Dark Ages- the inspiration of your prosperity sweptback from below your feet.

If the net is the ‘great enabler’, then it’s conjointly the ‘great leveller’.

Insight, facts and perceive are not any longer reserved for the few; it’s currently out there to the lots. If you’ve got a wise phone and a web association you’ll understand and come through nearly something in life.

With the net at your disposal, you’ll upskill yourself, come through mastery in subjects you’ve got no formal education in, and become adept at primarily any task thinkable.

it doesn’t matter WHO you’re, the net creates a superfluity of opportunities to raise your life. It’s another prime net profit.

Internet equates opportunities.

It’s simply dynamite for job creation. deem the ways in which folks area unit earning cash of late because of the net.

I mean, you can flip followers on Instagram into a thriving business. You can begin a web blog and generate revenue from ads. You can import products from U.S.A and sell them on Amazon while not even having to touch them!

With the net, though, the extent of chance for earning associate degree financial gain is unimaginable. It’s conjointly become a key player within the look for additional ‘typical’ jobs too.

Search for employment and nine times out of ten you log on. That’s wherever the roles are publicized. You’ll produce a profile on the task boards, save your CV and apply for a replacement job in seconds. Each part of the method is simplified.

Robots, AI, virtual reality…they’re all like things from science-fiction movies. Nevertheless, they’re real and happening at once.

Every trade is progressively dependent on the wonders of this technology.

We all enjoy the advancements that get created. Our health services improve, our security improves, our general infrastructure improves…The Internet is a central part of it all.

By:- Shubham Yadav

The seizure of contraband gold from a diplomatic consignment in Thiruvananthapuram

30 kgs of gold were seized by custom personnel on Sunday at the International airport of Thiruvananthapuram. The package that landed by air cargo is said to be under the name of the person who enjoys ‘diplomat immunity’. According to the sources the bag belongs to the staff member of UAE consulate general in Thiruvananthapuram. Also, it is not confirmed whether the staff member was actually involved in this smuggling or not.

According to them, the bag was not picked up for 2 days and no claims regarding the bag were made so after taking permission from the external ministry, the customs office seized the “diplomatic bag”

“We had definite intelligence about this. A search is going on and the quantity may go up. We have detained one person and are lookout for 2 more,” said Sumit Kumar, custom commissioner in-charge of Kerala and Lakshadweep. 

The custom commissioner claimed it to be the largest seizure in the recent past.

One of the officials informed “At least 13 such consignments came to the country in one year and they all passed without any check due to diplomatic immunity. Some of them were heavier than the latest consignment which weighed 70 kg. We are also probing some events organized by state government departments.” All of these consignments landed in Thiruvananthapuram.

Also, the bag consist of “diplomatic immunity” and name of the person on which custom commissioner quoted “we had a certain question and as per normal protocol, we request them to help us.”

Sources from the airport said that the gold was concealed in a bag consisting of bathroom equipment to avoid the detection of gold and worth of this captured consignment is said to be in crores.

“It came two days ago but since no one came to claim it, the bag was inspected and the concealed gold found,” they said.

A big spike is seen in yellow metal smuggling cases since the prices of gold are escalated highly in the recent period. The past two top gold seizures were seen to happen in Kozhikode

International airport from a charted flight of the Middle East in the past two weeks The consignment is said to arrive from a charted flight.

No one was expecting this smuggle during the time of pandemic. This was shocking for the officers and normal people as well.

On this Officials said they barely expected smuggle scenarios to happen during these serious times of COVID – 19 pandemic and were expecting to have relaxed checking in charted planes but they were mistaken. The investigation is still going on regarding the smuggling and maybe after this incident, there will be more rule and regulation regarding the import and export of goods.

                                   By – Anjali Sharma

Why do angel investors prefer Tech start-ups over Non-Tech?

Start-ups (which indirectly fall under MSEs category of taxation) since 2014 have collected around $100 billion and are on the ever-accelerating way to mark its way to $500 billion by 2025, with a projection to create over 35 – 40 lakh jobs. 

It was a beautiful day for Mr. Singh. He had invested in an idea introduced by a bunch of boys who had recently graduated out of an Engineering College. It was something related to irrigation technology with the name “Ivy-Irri Tech”. Mr. Singh had no idea what it was, but his financial advisor and accountant advised him that the investment would garner good profit in a very short period of time. After he found everything to be appropriate, he wrote off a check for Rs 3 crore for 3,000 shares to Ivy-Irri Tech boys. Today, he received the triple of his investment (i.e., Rs 9 crore) as the start-up was brought under the banner of a multinational corporation (MNC).

Mr. Singh was indeed an ‘angel’ who invested in the start-up seeing the growth projection as calculated by the discounted cash flow (DCF) method. He knew and took all the risks on the idea. Like Mr. Singh, there are a number of high-value individuals in our nation who are approached to invest in a small idea, which the ones presenting are able to convince (or show) to be of big worth in a short period of time.

A few days went by and the boys again contacted him over the notice they received from the Income Tax Dept. The notice stated that they had to pay 30% as ‘Angel Tax’ clause of Section 56(2)(vii b) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

These start-ups operate in a very vulnerable environment and anything can happen any moment. All the money made in the first half of the day may just vanish off by second. The basic principle of start-ups is a low investment to high yield, in less time.

According to Economic Times, “Angel tax is a term used to refer to the income tax payable on capital raised by unlisted companies via the issue of shares where the share price is seen in excess of the fair market value of the shares sold. The excess realisation is treated as income and taxed accordingly.” This is charged when the initial “angel” investor is an Indian, while foreigners are exempted from it as that’d just add more to Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) category. Also, the value of start-ups is counted against the industry suggested method of DCF with the net value present (NVP) method that increases the difference between the projected margins to the excess premium earned.

Hence, now the start-up will have to pay the excess of what they received of initial capital (i.e., Rs 3 crore).  In shares & dividend terms – Mr. Singh bought 3000 @ Rs 10000 each. He sold them (the startup sold it to the MNC) at a premium (excess from Market Value – profit) of Rs 30,000 for each share. Hence, for 3000 shares the excess profit is Rs 6 crore. Now 30% of Rs 6 crore is Rs 1.80 crore and that is what the start-up is charged as “Angel Tax”.

This is a major de-motivation to the hardworking, innovative minds that have worked hard to put up the efforts to bring their dream into happening, just like the “Ivy-Irri Tech” chaps and returned the initial investment in a triple in less than some years, but now are a victim of the ‘Angel Tax’.

However, the income tax regimes in our nation, which are duly unregulated at the helm of dysfunctional bureaucracy and call for immediate reforms at a great extent, do not spare even the ‘angels’. This taxation regime has led to the inclination of angel investors into investing in tech start-ups and deviating from the non-tech cohorts. The falling of start-ups into MSEs category, the very narrow definition of start-ups, and the bureaucracy which looks for an opportunity to put to their advantage, are the reasons for non-tech start-ups being not worth investment against hassles.

Of the limited few exemptions in Angel Tax, the angel investors tend to avoid the non-tech sector as there’s a very obstructive measure which restricts the investment into immovable objects. So if the start-up in non-tech sectors, would involve investment in immovable assets (which is the case in most non-tech start-ups) then the investment would not fall into exemption into start-up’s seed funding and thereby incurring additional taxation.

The ruling Govt. has presented a very ambitious plan to lead India to a $5 trillion economy for which there needs to be a safe growth rate in the economy at 11.3% (also assuming rupee falls to the dollar, further) for the next five years with no exception contrary to the present which is less than 4%. Further, with Moody’s downgrading India to ‘Baa3’ category, just one rank above “junk” category, the onset of FDIs flowing into Indian start-ups seems reclusive and does not seem to recover anytime soon. So, the Income Tax Act, 1961 needs to reform from its very core to match up the economic challenges of the 21st century for Indian investors to keep the market afloat and its operations flared up. Time is money, and neither of that we do have. 

                                                                                                                             – Aanandita Singh