Viewer Discretion Required: The Reality of ‘New’ media

Importance of Viewer Discretion to cope up with prevailing media bias

You switch on the news channel and see a person shouting at the highest of his lungs trying his best to make you think that the establishment is ‘always’ right. You flip the channel and are welcomed by a man who barely resembles Imran Khan, mimicking the Pakistani PM. Yet one more channel flip and comes a person on your TV screen, taking sarcastic digs at the screaming anchor while propagating his agenda.

News media in today’s context holds a particularly complex place. While there is no denying that in a democratic country, journalism and news act as power balancers and checkers. The commercialisation of news that has come up to be the truth as a consequence of competition and TRP races, has caused sensationalisation of stories. So something like PM visiting his mother is given more coverage than a crucial subject. Not just this but the increasing competition has also led to journalism counting on political parties for funds, thus biased news presentation.

Social Media: The New News Source
Social Media: The New News Source

For a short time, social media sites were considered the perfect successor. Since social media didn’t believe TRP’s, it had been assumed that bias wouldn’t seep in there. But social media comes with its perils. In some other context, the ‘personalised content’ trait of Social Media would be appreciated but within the context of stories, personalised content causes you to sleep in a bubble. You’ll be shown the content, you engage the foremost with. So if you follow leftist accounts, your opinion will progress from what’s shown as facts on those accounts. Which entirely kills the motive of stories within the first place. News should only present events as they’re happening. What to form of it should dwell in the hands of the audience, which, unfortunately, isn’t the case, right now. Social Media has also caused a faster spread of lies. Independent journalism, that became a fad with youngsters like Dhruv Rathee and Pratik Sinha could have brought change but even then the importance of viewer discretion can’t be neglected.

Need of the hour is that the ‘spectator’ becomes the ‘questioner’.

Ravish Kumar, Journalist, NDTV

The circumstances that we live in mandates every citizen to actively pursue true news. To become what they call, “active citizens”. To understand everything about everything and keep an open mind with well-formed opinions. As a citizen of a democratic country like India, it’s our responsibility to not just receive news but actively engage with it. We can not stop watching the news altogether since it’s only when we hear differing opinions that we get to introspect and see if we truly believe in what we are saying. The trick is to seek out a balance between the consumption of news and it’s analysis.

Kamala Devi Harris- an epitome of sheer courage

Written by Vaibhav Yadav

Source: The New York Times

The lady superstar of US Presidential elections has earmarked many achievements under her name. Irrespective of the controversial viewpoints set forward by many, Kamala Devi Harris, a black origin, Indian-American woman, set a new record by becoming the first-ever female Vice President of the US. Her win has stunned people all over the world. The lady who fought as a member of the democratic party has substantiated that dedication and stiff actions are all that you need to carve your name in golden words in the realm. Kamala Devi Harris is also the first South Asian woman to attain this benchmark. Mrs. Kamala is a live example of the fact that women are not confined only to domestic chores. Give them a chance, and they can set worldwide influence quite effortlessly. Kamala Harris is going to be Joe Biden’s partner in running the United States. She has taken the ideology about women politics to a new extent of success. Words are mere expressions of representing her impact. Hitherto, trendsetter Harris was the United States senator from California since 2017. The past track of Harris in the political realm seems to be quite promising. From fighting for the black race to reinforcing education, the lady has stood stiff in all the crucial matters. However, her run as the USA’s vice president will give us a precise picture of her work beliefs and implementation notions. 

The marvellous lady has mightily defeated supreme powers such as Donald Trump and Mike Pence. She will hold the charge as Vice president of the US from January 20, 2021. Her work will impart people with more glimpses of her personality and objectives. We wish Vice President Elect all the very best for her future endeavours!

Source: LiveWire

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Will it get more bluer or more redder?

Biden vs Trump:

The election battleground in the US seems too close to call. At the same time, the US future stands on a razor-edge. Democratic candidate Joe Biden is within an arm’s distance of the White House after taking the narrow leads in Wisconsin and Michigan’s critical states.

The fight between blue and red or the democrats is seemingly turning to a bottleneck with nobody arriving at the needed 270 seats. Joe Biden is on the path of success, with Trump trailing behind with a slender margin. His outcry seems to add to the woes of Donald Trump. Joe Biden needs to clinch only one more battleground state to defeat the new President.

The democrats have already won the fiercely contested prizes of Michigan and Wisconsin, part of the hue Blue that slipped away from the democrats four years ago. Even after two days of the election, a stable result couldn’t be announced.
The present presidential race could be among the tightest in American history.

In the year, 1824, John Quincy Adams won in the House of Representatives after no candidate for a clear majority in the Electoral college. Rutherford Hayes won by a single vote in 1876 (185-184), and in 2000, George defeated AI Gore(271-267).

In 2020, in the see-saw elections, Joe Biden has polled more than 70 million votes, with Trump bagging 66 million votes. Joe Biden also broke the record of Barack Obama (66,862,039 votes) in 2008, thereby carving his name in US elections history. Moreover,Trump’s campaigners had put into action the legal strategy, which the President has signaled for weeks, attacking the voting process’s integrity in the states where the results could mean his defeat. Democrats scoffed at the legal challenges in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia.

Biden vs Trump

However, legal challenges are afoot, and they could complicate things by accusing each other of trying to steal the election. The flurry of court actions did not seem destined to impact the election outcome. In other words, Democrats’ hopes to control senate are turning up with Joe Biden inching forward towards the victory. Over 140 million votes have been counted so far .

Voters have turned to record in the numbers for the vice president. The democrat candidates’ team announced that they were confident of getting 270 electoral college votes. Mr. Biden himself tweeted, ‘Be patient folks. Votes are being counted. And we feel good about where we are.’ Meanwhile, Donald Trump failed to accept, claiming he was a ballot fraud victim and got cheated. He even threatened to go to court in every state that had backed Mr. Biden.


Alongside the reasons that swept Mr. Biden by a right margin can be attributed to the following. The difference that made Joe Biden walk into a streak of success with a leap pending can be numbered as few. Women favored Biden, and men were inclined towards the new President, Donald Trump.

Biden was able to sweep high in the big cities while Trump kept the rural counties in his kitty. Biden was backed up by the poorer voters too. He dominated among those aged less than 30 but was behind Trump, who had voters aged 50. The inauguration date is on January 20. If Biden wins, he will be 78 and the oldest person to be elected since Trump.

Written by Ramyasree D.