Hello folks !! So finally we’ve entered 2021 in a very adventurous way. As now you all know of the adventure I’m talking about , the  adventure of COVID-19. Did you ever think of adventure at home? I know now you all are nodding your head. I am also one of you who never experienced itContinue reading “A FLASHBACK TO COVID-19!”

Vaccine hesitancy

Covid19 is an ongoing disease across the globe. After almost a year of struggles, the vaccine for this deadly disease has been found.  What is a vaccine? It is a preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a specific infectious disease. Vaccines are of great importance to prevent the infection. Recently, many people show aContinue reading “Vaccine hesitancy”

Why is Phase-3 of Vaccine Trial Complicated?

Written by Inshaa Siddiquee The Covid-19 outbreak has proved to be one of the most challenging phases in our lives. However, many companies are racing towards developing a safe and effective vaccine to protect against Covid-19. Moreover, Phase 3 trials of investigational vaccines are underway. How are vaccines developed? New vaccines are tested in clinicalContinue reading “Why is Phase-3 of Vaccine Trial Complicated?”

How to flatten the curve of COVID 19 ?

Introduction: With the spread of COVID-19, the world is facing an unprecedented economic, social and political crisis. Global leaders and experts said COVID-19 is and will be “the gravest challenge since the World War II.” Korea is no exception in this global pandemic. Koreahad a surge of COVID-19 outbreak and virus started spreading at theContinue reading “How to flatten the curve of COVID 19 ?”

Sputnik V: Russia’s Covid-19 Vaccine

On Tuesday, 11th August, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that after less than two months of human testing, Russia had become the world’s first country to approve a COVID-19 Vaccine. Even though this move raises concerns for many scientists since the vaccine still has to complete final trials, it is being hailed by Russia asContinue reading “Sputnik V: Russia’s Covid-19 Vaccine”

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