Vaccine hesitancy

Covid19 is an ongoing disease across the globe. After almost a year of struggles, the vaccine for this deadly disease has been found. 

Covid Vaccine

What is a vaccine?

It is a preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a specific infectious disease.

Vaccines are of great importance to prevent the infection. Recently, many people show a sign of hesitance towards the Covid vaccine. Vaccine hesitancy is the refusal to get vaccinated despite its availability. Several diseases that have taken the lives of thousands before have been completely eradicated now due to the vaccine administration. Let’s not forget about the deadly infectious diseases like Polio, Tetanus, Mumps, and Chickenpox that were put to an end. 

Side effects are considered to be the biggest reason for people refusing vaccines. Vaccines may have side effects like slight fever. But serious side effects are rare. 

Besides, social media spreading vaccine misinformation should be tackled. People trust blindly the information they receive without analyzing the facts and myths. These highlighted a lot of anxiety among the public. One such rumour that spread is that the vaccine could give the disease. They are designed to prevent the disease. People fail to understand this. Vaccines don’t give us the disease they are meant to prevent. They are administered only after detailed and accurate reviews by the Doctors, scientists and other researchers. 

Some people are convinced that the natural immunity is more effective than that is acquired through vaccination. 

Reasons why it is important to get vaccinated:

Vaccines can save lives by preventing contagious diseases

It is safe and effective 

Rapid development

It keeps us safe and healthy.

Doctors, Scientists, and other health researchers strive hard to put this contagious disease to an end. Which is why they have come up with the vaccines that would save thousands and thousands of lives. Do not get misinterpreted by the fake news or rumours. 

Written by R.Varsha

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