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So finally we’ve entered 2021 in a very adventurous way. As now you all know of the adventure I’m talking about , the  adventure of COVID-19. Did you ever think of adventure at home? I know now you all are nodding your head. I am also one of you who never experienced it before COVID-19.

Now let’s talk about the past few months of our lives. “Corona virus started spreading in the Wuhan district of China and slowly got spread in the whole world.” This has been the hot topic of discussion for a year now.


By this time everyone knows what Covid -19 stands for. So the ‘Co’ in the name stands for corona, ‘vi’ for virus and ‘d’ for disease. The number 19 is used as it started in the year 2019. Initially the disease was referred to as ‘2019 novel corona virus’ or ‘2019-nCoV’. This disease is linked with the same family of viruses as server acute respiratory syndrome and common cold.

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How it got spread ?

The disease got spread when contacted a person who is infected with covid-19 through physical greetings. Handshakes, hugs , and any other physical contact was noted for the same. It is also said that covid-19 is found on the surfaces of metals , woods , clothes etc.

How CAN one prevent themselves from covid-19 ?

It is advised to the whole world to use sanitizers, wear face mask and to wash hands frequently with soap or germ free hand-washes. In the beginning no one took WHO seriously. But when it started spreading in a large number and many countries announced lockdown, the people came to know how dangerous it really is.


At first when covid-19 was spreading fairly over the world, Indians thought that this virus wouldn’t came to India. Is will get destroyed before entering India and in our this attitude we kept ignoring the safety measures issued by WHO for the whole world. But when the first case was suspected (i.e on 30 January 2020) then people started to follow safety measures but still there are a lot of people who ignored everything.

Lockdown in India

And finally the day came-23rd March,2020 on which a nationwide lockdown was declared by government of India. It was for 21 days only but due to the carelessness of people the lockdown kept on increasing . People started filling their food and other important necessities in their home for next 21 days. Under the lockdown only some things were unlocked like Hospitals, grocery stores, milk dairy etc. The lockdown was a good experience for all of us. It is because the main thing we did was spent time with our families , gave time to our hobbies and ourselves , many of us found a new version of ourselves. We watched Mahabharata, Ramayan, shakitman and many more of these old shows. And with the help of  all these entertaining stuffs we passed our lockdown.

Unlock 1.0 and 2.0

Unlock 1.0 was introduced after almost 2 months of corona virus induced lockdown. In this the restrictions imposed during the lockdown were relaxed to a great extent but social distancing was followed strictly. The strict restrictions were continued in the hotspot zones of the country. The decision to give relaxation in some zones of country was taken in regard of reviving the country. In the same way as unlock 1.0 the unlock 2.0 was also declared after a month of unlock 1.0. In this unlock more services and sectors were relaxed from the restrictions but with maintaining social distancing. Metros , trains ,public buses etc. started, cinema halls got opened , restaurant, hotels etc. got opened, public gatherings up to 50 then 100 people were allowed and now in current times we can see that the world is getting normal day by day.


So the most asked question of the year 2020 is when will the vaccine come for covid-19?? Am I right? Yes of Corse you all will agree with me . So firstly, congratulations as the vaccine is here it’s been more than two weeks that the doses of vaccine are regulating in the country and now there’s a big hope that everything will come to normal soon.

Many countries and many candidates kept themselves engaged in the making of vaccine during the whole lockdown. India is too a part of this race and finally there’s a vaccine in India which is started regulating over the country . In India there are two vaccines. One is developed by Oxford University and UK based  drug maker AstraZeneca the other is by our own Indian company Bharat Biotech.

So, I would like to end this article by just praying that everything will come to its old normal and happy state soon.

Take care everyone and stay safe.


Written BY – Nishtha Farma

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